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Episode Reviews

Mr. Robot – eps2.2_init_1.asec Review

“Init 1” Fills in some wonderful back story into the origins of our characters and the internal struggle that plagues Elliot.

Mr. Robot – k3rnel-pan1c.ksd Review

k3rnel-pan1c.ksd keeps the intensity of the season premiere to help set the stage for the season. There may not have been a lot of heavy plot development in this next episode of Mr. Robot, but it doesn’t mean that Sam… Continue Reading →

Mr. Robot – Review

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, Mr Robot 2.0 (season 2) comes back to a twisted dark start that continues to shock and awe the audience.

Heroes Reborn – Project Reborn Review

Our heroes meet their final end in the series finale of Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn – 11:53 To Odessa Review

Did the Heroes Reborn mid-season finale answer your questions or just leave you with more?

Into the Badlands – The Fort Review

AMC brings a prime time martial arts drama with Into The Badlands.

The Walking Dead – Always Accountable Review

In the continuing slog though narratives, we slice off some time with Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha.

The Walking Dead – Now Review

The Walking Dead continues it’s lurching pace just “Now”.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Into the Woods Review

“Into the Woods” is a great escape from the day-to-day of detective work with small stories for everyone.

Heroes Reborn – June 13 (Part 2)

“June 13th Part Two” provides all the back story we can handle and works to tie up a lot of loose ends in the plot, but does it merely create even more loopholes to handle with only two episodes left?

Supergirl – Stronger Together Review

“Stronger Together” moves forward in the story of Supergirl but does it resolve the issues of the pilot?

The Walking Dead – Here’s Not Here Review

Does “Here’s Not Here” provide a satisfying look into Morgan’s backstory?

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