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Episode Reviews

Heroes Reborn – June 13 (Part 1) Review

Can Noah and Hiro save the summit and what do they learn when they travel back?

Supergirl – Pilot Review

CBS gets into the superhero game with Supergirl but does it fly on it’s own or does it pale under the might of the other super hero themed onslaught on prime-time?

The Walking Dead – Thank You Review

In “Thank You” we see the exit of many characters, some random and some known.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Halloween III Review

It’s Halloween again and that means only one thing. It’s time for Peralta vs Holt’s epic competition. Who will take home the literal crown this year?

Heroes Reborn – Game Over Review

With only 5 episodes left, “Game Over” significantly moves the plot and starts the consolidation processes of the many different storylines. With a show that started out with far too many individual stories, “Game Over” mercifully starts to bring us… Continue Reading →

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – The Oolong Slayer Review

It took a few weeks, but we finally get what we hoped for at the Nine-Nine.

The Walking Dead – JSS Review

The Walking Dead continues with its momentum with a pretty exciting and action packed episode JSS.

Heroes Reborn – The Lion’s Den

“The Lion’s Den” moves Heroes Reborn along at a relatively useful pace, but the depth for most of the story lines is still lacking in a lot of ways despite a huge reveal. To be far to the show, they… Continue Reading →

Agents of Shield – A Wanted (Inhu)man Review

With “A Wanted (Inhu)man” we take a step back from the intense action to build up some agency motivations but does the slower pace work with or distract from the momentum so far? After two episodes of very strong episodes,… Continue Reading →

The Muppets – Pig Out Review

“Pig Out” gives us a view of the absurdity of The Muppets that has been generally lacking so far in this new reincarnation, and the results are the funniest we’ve seen.

The Walking Dead – First Time Again Review

The Walking Dead returns for its sixth season with a double length episode thriller “First Time Again.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Boyle’s Hunch Review

In “Boyle’s Hunch” we finally get to see something positive start to happen in Boyle’s love life but can he find happiness this time?

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