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The Walking Dead – First Time Again Review

The Walking Dead returns for its sixth season with a double length episode thriller “First Time Again.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Boyle’s Hunch Review

In “Boyle’s Hunch” we finally get to see something positive start to happen in Boyle’s love life but can he find happiness this time?

Heroes Reborn – The Needs of the Many Review

“The Needs of The Many” continues to show us exactly why the original Heroes died a painful death all those years ago.

Agents of Shield – Purpose in the Machine Review

In week two of Agents of Shield, we see more of what everyone else is doing and resolve what happened to a huge chunk of the female part of the team.

The Muppets – Bear Left then Bear Write Review

Miss Piggy has a feud with a guest while Fozzie has a artistic crisis in The Muppets “Bear Left then Bear Write”.

Minority Report – Hawk-Eye Review

“Hawk-Eye” sees it’s first demos in Minority Report but can it save the day?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – The Funeral Review

Brooklyn Nine-Nine brings on the laughs in the season premiere followup “The Funeral.”

Quantico – America Review

After a fairly strong series premiere last week, Quantico falls into a painful trap and looses most of it’s steam in “America.”

Heroes Reborn – Under the Mask Review

Heroes Reborn continues on with “Under the Mask” but does it make any sense of the plethora of storylines from the first two hours?

Code Black – Pilot Review

Is Code Black a worthy new medical drama or does it flatline on the table?

The Grinder – Pilot Review

The Grinder promises to be a fun romp that skewers every law show cliche in the book with the full level of seriousness and commitment that just brings on the insane absurdity.

Agents of SHIELD – Laws of Nature Review

Agents of SHIELD comes back with a strong start, but does the comic television darling have what it takes to succeed in it’s third year?

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