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Mr. Robot – Review

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, Mr Robot 2.0 (season 2) comes back to a twisted dark start that continues to shock and awe the audience.

Heroes Reborn – Project Reborn Review

Our heroes meet their final end in the series finale of Heroes Reborn

Mr. Robot wins Golden Globe for Best Drama and Best Actor

Undoubtedly one of the most interesting shows of 2015 Mr. Robot sneaks away with two of three Golden Globe awards from some very intense competition.

Heroes Reborn – 11:53 To Odessa Review

Did the Heroes Reborn mid-season finale answer your questions or just leave you with more?

Heroes Reborn – June 13 (Part 2)

“June 13th Part Two” provides all the back story we can handle and works to tie up a lot of loose ends in the plot, but does it merely create even more loopholes to handle with only two episodes left?

Heroes Reborn – June 13 (Part 1) Review

Can Noah and Hiro save the summit and what do they learn when they travel back?

Heroes Reborn – Game Over Review

With only 5 episodes left, “Game Over” significantly moves the plot and starts the consolidation processes of the many different storylines. With a show that started out with far too many individual stories, “Game Over” mercifully starts to bring us… Continue Reading →

Heroes Reborn – The Lion’s Den

“The Lion’s Den” moves Heroes Reborn along at a relatively useful pace, but the depth for most of the story lines is still lacking in a lot of ways despite a huge reveal. To be far to the show, they… Continue Reading →

Heroes Reborn – The Needs of the Many Review

“The Needs of The Many” continues to show us exactly why the original Heroes died a painful death all those years ago.

Heroes Reborn – Under the Mask Review

Heroes Reborn continues on with “Under the Mask” but does it make any sense of the plethora of storylines from the first two hours?

Blindspot – A Stray Howl Review

Does Blindspot episode “A Stray Howl” build upon the strong opening week or does Jane Doe’s ink fade away into television obscurity?

Heroes Reborn – Brave New World / Odessa Review

After burying itself into a hole so deep it took 5 years for it to climb out, Heroes returns with Heroes: Reborn, but has creator Tim Kring learned anything in his time in the black hole that was the plot?

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