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Agents of Shield – A Wanted (Inhu)man Review

With “A Wanted (Inhu)man” we take a step back from the intense action to build up some agency motivations but does the slower pace work with or distract from the momentum so far? After two episodes of very strong episodes,… Continue Reading →

The Muppets – Pig Out Review

“Pig Out” gives us a view of the absurdity of The Muppets that has been generally lacking so far in this new reincarnation, and the results are the funniest we’ve seen.

Agents of Shield – Purpose in the Machine Review

In week two of Agents of Shield, we see more of what everyone else is doing and resolve what happened to a huge chunk of the female part of the team.

The Muppets – Bear Left then Bear Write Review

Miss Piggy has a feud with a guest while Fozzie has a artistic crisis in The Muppets “Bear Left then Bear Write”.

Quantico – America Review

After a fairly strong series premiere last week, Quantico falls into a painful trap and looses most of it’s steam in “America.”

Agents of SHIELD – Laws of Nature Review

Agents of SHIELD comes back with a strong start, but does the comic television darling have what it takes to succeed in it’s third year?

The Muppets – Hostile Makeover Review

After a relatively tame start, does The Muppets bring on the laughs with “Hostile Makeover”?

Quantico – Run (Pilot) Review

Despite all of the marketing by ABC as a FBI Spy show with really sexy 30 something trainees, Quantico does have some semblance of intrigue.

Castle “XY” Review

Instead of making the viewers suffer though a whole off season with a season 7 cliffhanger, the writers of Castle have bumped the thrills and excitement over to the season 8 premiere!

The Muppets Pilot Review

After a long absence, Kermit and the gang return to prime time television in ABC’s newest comedy The Muppets, but does it have the same charm as it did all those decades ago?

2014 Fall Preview

It’s that time of year again, and there is a lot of excitement on the flat-screen. The Fall 2014 season marks the year of new romances, new super heroes, and new thrills in the White House.

Missing Pilot

Missing is a new ABC spy drama staring Ashley Judd as ex-CIA super-agent turned soccer mom as she tries to find her missing son in Europe.

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