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Beating A Dead Workforce

There are only a few more episodes of Better Off Ted left, and ABC is working very hard to burn off the last of the series. In the first of this week’s double header, we find that the company has been working their employes to death…literally.

Better Off Ted 2x6
Beating a Dead Workforce

As we wind down to the probable cancelation of Better Off Ted, we are treated to another great installment of the insanity of Veridian Technologies.  It seems as the “Relax-a-con” relaxation conference approaches, Veridian management has been imposing 14 hour days on the entire department to complete their new sleep system, destroying morale.  Unfortunately, the extra hours has taken it’s tole on Jenkins, whom the office finds dead at his desk in the morning.

I’ve always loved the extend that Veridian will exploit it’s workers to get productivity out of them.  The producers did a great job with placing interesting motivational posters to commemorate Jenkins as well. The one annoying part about the episode was the weak B story with Linda and her desire to “live in the moment.”  It really felt more like and aside than anything. It wasn’t really fleshed out very much, and I think it should have just been cut.

Interesting Notes

  • “Relaxxxx–a-con, the extra X is for more Zs!” – Ted
  • “Legal has been floating the idea that his being dead might have been a pre-existing condition and that he might not have been alive when we hired him.” – Veronica
  • “I love sugar cookies.  When I was a kid, my mom made them. But instead of sugar, she used to make them with brandy.  And in stead of milk, she would use brandy.” – Phil
  • Wow…we all just got Rick Rolled.
  • Things Jenkins “did” in life – He did not like coffee thrown at him.  Had a huge heart.  Died knowing he had one cool friend…Lem.  Caught a 6 foot trout but couldn’t stand the sight of blood. Helped a killer whale get home.
  • Some of the Jenkins posters from the office –  “Do it for me” “Taking breaks makes me sad” “Don’t let me die for nothing”
  • “Together we’re like Gandhi.  I’m skinny and your tan” – Veronica to Ted
  • Apparently there’s a trap door used to fire people in the lobby.

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