Conan and Ferguson crack jokes about NBC’s late night lineup

Conan and Ferguson take some pot shots at the brewing late night drama at NBC.

While this blog is more centered around prime time scripted shows, it’s hard to anything about television and not hear about the latest in the NBC late night drama between Conan, Leno, and NBC.  Personally, I don’t think NBC should have ever made any changes to the lineup at all.  Quite frankly the status quo was working very well, and to this day I’m not sure what the motivation was to move Leno and Conan.  Furthermore, as nice of a guy Jimmy Fallon may be, I really hate his show.

At least it’s providing a bit of fuel for some jokes, though in the end I think the jokes going to be on NBC when the whole thing finally blows up in their face.

By Kien Tran

Based in Dallas, Texas, Kien Tran is an avid television enthusiast. After spending hundreds of hours wasting away on a couch, he decided to actually do something creative with his hobby and created this very blog.

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