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J.D. and Elliot have to come to terms with the coming baby, while Cox has to write his will. Lucy and the interns have to learn to move past their feelings for their patients so they can operate on them.

The Interns work on their cadaver, Ben

In what I feel was a pretty drab episode of Scrubs, we have the return of JD and Elliot as they come to terms with the fact they are about to have a baby forever changing both of their lives. It feels like this show can’t seem to let go of their old cast. The episode centers around the challenges that can arise from becoming too emotionally involved with your patients. Lucy still hasn’t quite come to terms with her patient Ben dying and now becoming her cadaver. Just as J.D. and Elliot are coming to terms with their baby, Cox is coming to terms with the fact he has to create a will for Jordan and is growing old.

With the intercut inner dialogs of J.D. and Lucy, the show just continues to lose traction while staying fairly confusing. There are a few witty moments, but overall the episode just never gets going comedically and just seems to resolve at the end. I understand that the writers want to ease their viewers into a new series, but if the old characters never leave, we are never going to have a new series but rather a rehash of loose plots never used during the first eight seasons. Who is the main narrative for the show? Lucy or J.D.?


  • Of all the doctors, Cox connects best with the emotionless Dr. Denise Mahoney. She’s also the only one he both fears and respects.
  • Knight Rider is based on fact.
  • “Yeah that as always Ally McBeal’s problem too.  It’s so hard being a working woman in the mid 90s.” – Denise to Cox
  • “Step-kids aren’t the same. There a rental. You gotta take mildly good care of them, return them with a full tank of gas and not too many dents.” – Cox
  • I think of all the characters, old and new, Denise is my favorite. She has the most depth.  She’s ruthless and emotionless and can hold her own against Cox, as she’s just like him.

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