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The Bishop Revival

The death of a family line at a wedding leads the team on a chase for a biological weapon.

The team studies the bio-weapon.

Nazis, a string of apparently random deaths, and a race against a mad scientist bent out on creating the master race via killing everyone else make up “The Bishop Revival,” another episodic story in the Fringe universe. While it didn’t do much to expand on the alternative universe storyline, this episode was a thrilling display of mystery and suspense.

The mad Nazi scientist Alfred Hoffman is using research created by none other than Walter’s father while he was an American spy in the 1940s. Hoffman’s ultimate goal is to wipe out everyone at the World Tolerance Conference, and being a true scientist, he has to test his weapon in specific environments, namely all the decedents at a wedding and everyone with brown eyes at a coffee shop. This trail of death leads the team to the revelation that Walter’s father Robert created the compound, and it’s up to Olivia and Peter to find the lost books with the formula.

“The Bishop Revival,” while fairly predictable in retrospect, is able to maintain a high level of intensity. Penned by Glen Whitman and Chiappetta, this episode is another in the line of truly fringe science episodes that they are known for. (“Ability” where people’s faces seal up and “Of Human Action” where a boy can telepathically control anyone). This episode also has a lot of the stylings of Adam Davidson (Lie to Me, Shark) who makes his Fringe directorial debut.

Overall, this was a great return to the weird science and suspense than I enjoy about Fringe. Next week, we have the mid season Finale with a return to the alternative universe story.

Interesting Observations

  • Whitman and Chiappetta really like that whole suffocating thing. You have to give major props to the makeup team for the victims as well, though you couldn’t make out the veins on the barista in the coffee shop.
  • Olivia: “Did you lose a bet?” Peter: “Either that or flying lessons.”
  • Walter spends a lot of time reminiscing about his wife and family in this episode, and even alludes to the fact he thinks Olivia and Peter would make a great match.
  • The groom survived for a few hours via his asthma inhaler. What was he doing in the closet till then? Did he pass out and then wake up from the lack of oxygen as the inhaler wore off?
  • Walter calls Astrid “Ostrich” this week.
  • Blue blood, which was lacking in oxygen, was a nice touch. Nice job again Fringe effects team.
  • Nazis had projects in molecular bombs, flying saucers, and the fountain of youth.
  • Walter puts a clapper device in the lab.
  • The whole book thing was an interesting red herring. Though pointless, it allows us to see some of the crazy artist’s work with kittens and swastikas. It’s pretty fitting in a Fringe universe.
  • There was a clever allusion to the fact the Nazi’s were attempting to build a fountain of youth, which they obviously succeeded in some form with Hoffman. Are there other Nazi scientists running around?

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