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Chuck versus the First Fight

Exciting happenings on Chuck tonight! We have the esteemed Timothy Dalton (James Bond!!) guest starring.

"Timothy Dalton is a nonspy-spy" Exciting happenings on Chuck tonight! We have the esteemed Timothy Dalton (James Bond!!) guest starring as none other than the infamous Volkoff himself. I was actually surprised by that to be honest. While I mostly suspected that “Greg Tuttle” was in fact a double agent, I never guessed he was the boss himself. I did find it strange that Frost would have an MI-6 handler in Burbank just so she can check in if needed. That’s an odd assignment if you ask me.

This episode was full of action and fueled with great humor from Timothy Dalton, fueled until reveals himself and turns convincingly, and freakishly, sinister. I always say that cool calculating British men make the best villains. In a further nod to the Bond series, we have a number two Dasha (Ana Gasteyer of SNL), complete with facial scars and a foreboding disposition.

I’m also glad to see that Casey is starting to warm up to Morgan, even bringing him along for a real mission to provide backup. Morgan is still a terrible spy, but at least he’s getting more and more experience.

In the end though, you have to wonder what Orion’s device did to Chuck. Did it merely upgrade his intersect further? Did it wipe out his skillset? It’s hard to know what Frost’s intentions were, but we do know that there is on remaining Orion computer left now. Like the Alias reference, you have to question whose side Frost is really on. So far, I’ve quite enjoyed these Chuck theme episodes with theme appropriate guest stars. From Demolition Man, Freddie Krueger, and now James Bond, the Chuck production team has been scoring big with their casting.

Other thoughts

  • Ellie isn’t showing at all now. What’s up with that producers?
  • “Per fas et nefas” – Though right and wrong
  • Oh Cool, a tiny weapon standoff!
  • Reminds me of that great episode of ‘Alias.’ I love that show.
  • Eurybia (The name of the box that the device was in) – Ancient minor Greek goddess of the sea. She controlled the constellations, weather, and the wind.
  • Might as well have posted about our fight on Friendster!
  • We get a quick Wilhelm scream during the bank fight.


  • Snake – Frightened Rabbit
  • Ghosts n Stuff – Deadmau5
  • We Don’t Eat – James Vincent McMorrow
  • Kiss with a Fist – Florence + The Machine
  • One October Song – Nico Stai

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