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After several weeks of arguably mediocre episodes, Glees third to last episode of the season brings the show back to a place that fans can appreciate, an episode focused on not the drama but the music itself.

'Loser Like Me'

After several weeks of arguably mediocre episodes, Glee‘s third to last episode of the season brings the show back to a place that fans can appreciate, an episode focused on not the drama but the music itself.I initially had a lot of reservations about an episode consisting of entirely original songs. Being a cover song focused show, Glee has never attempted truly original songs. But considering they are backed by the very strong songwriting team that has made the show a hit in the first place, my initial fears were without warrant.

I, like many fans, have grown tired of the numerous and relentless cover offerings that sometimes are hits, but as of lately have become tired. With “Original Song”, the writers treat us to 2 full original songs (both featuring Rachel), with three additional partial songs from Santana, Puck, and Mercedes. The personal highlight of the three short clips would have to be Santana’s (Naya Rivera) rendition of “Trouty Lips”, a sultry jazz ode to the often mocked lips of Sam (Chord Overstreet). Not only was it an amazing demonstration of Rivera’s skill, but it was a great nod to the fan’s constant bewilderment at Sam’s look.

The fact that tonight’s episode downplayed the season long dramas is a great positive to “Original Song.” Many fans, myself included, have been incredibly frustrated by the overall lack of quality music since “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” last October, and the overabundance of annoying drama from generally unlikeable characters. There was only passing mention of Santana’s and Brittany’s relationship hinted at last week, and Rachel and Quinn’s infighting takes a general backseat, manifested merely in off looks and glances.

The one frustrating bit of drama is the seemingly forced scenes between Kurt and Blair. The entire set of scenes all seemed out of place and, tied with comments by the judges later on in the episode, seem to be the writer’s attempt to encroach their political views of same sex relationships onto the viewing audience. While they have spent much of the season lightly addressing the issue, tonight’s display seemed heavy handed.

Once again competing with Aural Intensity, and the Warblers, the New Directions once again blows the competition out of the park. Aural Intensity, lead by Coach Sylvester, provided a groan inducing rendition of “Jesus is a Friend of Mine,” which accurately panders to the judges. The Warblers’ covers of “Candles” by Hey Monday and “Raise Your Glass” by Pink were terribly dry and not very interesting. Even their cover of “Misery” by Maroon 5 was difficult to hear. The one highlight of the Warblers’ medleys was Kurt’s rendition of “Blackbird” which was quite well done, despite being somewhat emotionally shallow in delivery.

The two original New Direction songs, the Rachel solo “Get It Right” and the cast song “Loser Like Me” are great examples of encompassing the original spirit of the show in song. Glee is a show about outcasts, losers, and misfits banding together to create something new and amazing. Overlooking the once again overused Rachel for competition purposes, these new songs are a refreshing surprise that remind the long time fans that there is still hope for the show.

Other Thoughts

  • Sue doesn’t have much to do this episode, but one can’t help but wonder if she secretly and purposely drives the New Directions towards excellence.
  • I do hope they release Santana’s “Trouty Lips” as a single, but it doesn’t appear to be on the Volume 5 set.
  • Lauren is really warming up to Puck.
  • Puck’s favorite song is “What’s going on?” Marvin Gaye, a fine choice.
  • The confetti slushy to the audience at the end is a nice touch, though cliched.


  • “Blackbird” – (Beatles) Kurt
  • “Candles” – (Hey Monday) Kurt and Blair
  • “Get it Right” – Rachel
  • “Hell to No” – Mercedes
  • “Loser Like Me” – New Directions
  • “Misery” – (Maroon 5) Warblers
  • “Raise Your Glass” – (Pink) Warblers
  • Glee Music Volume 5


  • I mixed up Audio Adrenaline (which is an awesome real band by the way) with Aural Intensity.
  • Due to popular demand, “Potty Mouth” and “Big Ass Heart” will be on iTunes shortly. Naya Rivera’s Twitter

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