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Friday Followup – September 24, 2011

Friday night continues to be a light night for TV, but there are a still things on the air to check out.

A Gifted Man

The A Gifted Man series premiere shows off a show that, while well casted, runs two great risks. The first risk is the Friday night death slot where shows go to die. It was bold of CBS to put this show here, and I’m not sure if that’s a sign of confidence or indifference. The second risk is the fact that show, while well casted, is also terribly cliche. It revolves around a Dr. Michael Holt (Patrick Wilson), a talented neurosurgeon, who while successful, is completely devoid of social skills and compassion towards his patients and staff. Though a mirracous gift, the ghost of his ex-wife now follows him around to guide him on a new path and perhaps make him a better person.

It’s hard to speak more of the plot than this as that is the entirety of it. While there might be some touching moments here and there as he starts to put others before himself, it’s still an overplayed story that might not have any audience at its timeslot. It’s a decent enough show on its own, but it lacks a bit of depth.


Business As Usual

As we move towards the season finale of Haven, we find out a lot more about our main characters background. As the town nears civil war between the troubled and the normals, we find that our lovable pair Vince and Dave are not all they seem, and that there is division in the ranks. Vince wants to keep everything secret to protect the peace, while Dave moves to start a new war. The question is, to what end is he looking to accomplish? With the death of the Rev, the town is completely on edge, and Nathan and Audrey are at the heart of it.

The show finally reveals a few interesting points though, such as Audrey is indeed the same person in the photographs all those years ago. It turns out that Lucy is actually the name of a friend she entrusted with the truth 26 years ago, and has been protecting her from Simon Crocker, Duke’s father, who has been hunting her down. We still don’t know why it is that Simon is looking to kill her, and how it will stop the troubles, but with two episodes left, I’m sure we’ll find out.

By Kien Tran

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