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Wednesday Wrap-up – September 28

Happy Endings

Blax, Snake, Home

In the unlikely season two premiere, Dave and Alex celebrate their one year anniversary of not getting married, and Penny takes her first steps to spinsterhood. Isn’t having a 20s party to celebrate not being a spinster a sign of being a spinster?

Modern Family

Phil on Wire

Phil watches the great documentary Man on Wire and has a sudden urge to achieve his newfound dream to walk on a high wire. Sometimes he’s pretty random, but he always has heart.

Meanwhile, the girls end up in the same math class together, of course leading to fighting. As you can expect though, the sisters work out an arrangement, leading them both to the principal’s office. Unsurprising.

Cam and Mitchell work on a new diet. Cam on a diet is about as funny as you’d expect, but it’s Mitchell who ends up loosing it in hilarious fashion.

Up All Night

Working Late and Working It

Stay at home Chris seems to be reading a lot of mother websites lately, and is starting to feel less than sexy. Meanwhile, the bouquet in the shape of a dog is amazingly sad, yet I want to give someone one just for the reaction.

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