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Chuck vs the Bearded Bandit

In “Chuck vs the Bearded Bandit,” we start to see a bit of the serious downsides of Morgan as the Intersect, and it is a dangerous situation.

Tonight’s episode introduces Carmichael Industry’s biggest competitor, Verbanski Corp, an international security from lead by Gertrude Verbanski (Carrie-Anne Moss The Matrix), a former KGB operative and one of the only ones to get the drop on Casey. With their impressive show of force, and Chuck’s team’s impressive show of failures, Verbanski easily takes away what little business Chuck could have drummed up so far. Their never-ending financial problems will likely be a season long issue that they have to face.

But the bigger issue they are going to have to face now is the defection of Morgan. But it’s not all as it seems though, as it appears the Intersect is affecting Morgan much in the same way it affected the Grettas of last season. He’s starting to forget who he is and what makes Morgan Morgan. Simple things like “Who is Indiana Jones” and “Who is Luke Skywalker” aren’t questions a hard core geek like Morgan would ask.

Hopefully this means that Morgan’s Intersect will have to be removed sooner than later as based on the previous of the next episode, Morgan is going to be on the verge of crossing some very dark lines.

Other Observations

  • Devon made the Carmichael presentation, using the same techniques he used to win Chuck’s sister.
  • I don’t really like the aggressive Morgan. What’s going to happen without Chuck as his handler to keep him from getting himself killed?
  • “You just found out the Zoom is mightier than the sword!”
  • The 1970s prices on gear was pretty accurate.
  • I’m a little sad/happy they didn’t using Sarah as the Buy More Commercial. I do think they forget about Devon sometimes.
  • Casey should have worn the hate he used in Firefly. The hunter cap he had was very similar.
  • Verbanski keeps Casey’s gun as a trophy on her desk.
  • Abercrombie = Porn for teenagers.
  • “It’s like his eyes follow everyone in the store.”

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