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The Rebound Girl

In “The Rebound Girl” we get some revealing character development between Ted and Barney, while getting some unbelievable news from one other gang member.

It’s been a hard few weeks for Barney. After Nora breaking up with him and Robin rejecting him, Barney’s been in a low place. Like many people, those of us in these sorta situations often lead to making…less than sound decisions. In this situation, Barney and Ted decide to adopt a baby together.

Yes…that’s pretty crazy, a fact Ted constantly reminds us though out the episode.

Otherwise, it’s a general episode that moves along the personal life plots of all the characters a little bit. It’s not exactly a funny episode, but it’s important to the long term strategy and life story of all the characters. Lily and Marshal finally move into their new home in long island and Barney and Robin get some revealing news you must watch to find out.

Other Observations

  • Five choices for the long island home
    • Sell it
    • Year round haunted house
    • Giant fence around the perimeter, chimp sanctuary.
    • Destroy it with sledgehammers.
    • Raise their children, till the graduate…when we destroy it with sledgehammers as a family.
  • Another common theme of the show, reality of situations after reflection. In this case, Marshal and Lily’s huge apartment is a more appropriate tiny NY box in reality. Hilariously, they seemed to shave off a good 5 feet from the width of the apartment set.
  • Marshal trying to fit though the doorway with the turkey makes Lily reconsider the epidural.
  • It was nice to see Barney’s brother James again, with their newly adopted daughter.
  • The final reveal is still very ambiguous, but if it follows typical television cliches, it should be obvious. Though this show doesn’t often follow the cliches so who knows.

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