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Chuck vs the Bullet Train

With just two more hours left, “Chuck vs the Bullet Train” sets us on the direct path of next week’s gripping two hour finale.

I’m glad that the writers of Chuck decided to give us one final epic story to end the series. With likely the most dangerous foe to date Nicholas Quinn, the team has their work cut out for them. Not to forgot one last reduce the damsel story, this time the writers give us a bit of a twist with Sarah not only needing reduce and restoration, but also actively trying to assassinate Chuck himself.

With all her memories lost, I’m not sure how it will play out from here though. I’m not sure if Morgan ever go all his memories back. He did seem to get enough to return as manager of the Buy More, but they did make it a bit unclear how much he retained and relearned. If Sarah has lost everything, she might never recover. I would suspect that Ellie will find a way to undo the damage, or her latent love of Chuck will fill in all the blanks. I have no doubt that Chuck’s drawing from the train will be the key piece that restores Sarah, or at least makes her take pause before she shoots him.

This was also a rare episode where we get to see the whole cast in action, from Chuck and the team, to Devon and Ellie as support, and to Morgan and the Buy Morons as they rescue Alex. I would suspect this is the end of our interactions with Jeff and Lester now that they’ve been fully brought in on the secrets below the store, despite all the efforts to wipe their minds. Interestingly, it’s Lester’s “uniquely wasteful, destructive” skills that save the day, not only keeping the bus in place but allowing them to scare Quinn’s agents into submission.

With only two hours left, I have no doubt that the writers will throw everything at us right up until the final moments. Chuck is still a happy show, and I’d doubt they would leave us long time fans with a dark end of Sarah or Chuck killing each other or Casey, or anyone really, as it’d be such a huge departure from their style it would be jarring.

In the end, this episode is a fast return to the action and suspense that marks a great episode of Chuck with just enough of a tease to make all fans both long and fear the end, as the bittersweet finale draws near.

Other Observations

  • How does Quinn hold onto a 600mph train? I dunno.
  • Chuck’s wedding ring has a lock pick in it. Nice.
  • “What have you been taking? Strip Kick?”
  • Blowing up avocados in a microwave. Oh the juvenile fun.
  • The weird 80s style train intro sequence is the only time in the show where they’ve not used their normal intro.
  • “We have something better than a buy more, we have a train be a full of japanese people.”
  • “They may seem like Botulism victims but they are loyal..they can do it.”
  • “Behold the flames of destiny.”
  • “Those guys you talk about, the ones who give you nightmares…they were the real heroes.”
  • Quiinn and Chuck go at it…Chuck get’s a lot of good hits in.
  • Why do all bad guys return to Burbank?
  • Chuck storms the warehouse with a possibly lethally loaded rifle rather than his dart gun.
  • How did Quinn restore Sarah’s apartment? She didn’t keep it did she?
  • Sadly didn’t get to see much of snarky Ben Browser (Quinn goon)

Gratuitous Shot of Sarah

  • In red in the train suite car with Chuck.


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