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Revolution is the newest NBC post-apocalyptic drama from the mindset of Eric Kripke (Supernatural) about a world 15 years after a global blackout wipes out all electricity.

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Revolution is the newest NBC post-apocalyptic drama from the mindset of Eric Kripke (Supernatural) about a world 15 years after a global blackout wipes out all electricity.

Revolution brings about sweeping imagery of post-apocalyptic Chicago (in the pilot) after an unexplained and unknown phenomenon disabled all electricity in the world. The opening scenes of the series show the chaos and confusion as the world systematically goes dark. Planes fall from the skis, cities go dark, and predictably, the world devolves into chaos.

Like many other dystopian series, fifteen years later we find the world creates its own new order, in this case, a world ruled by warlords and militias in a near feudal society. The show itself focuses on the Matheson family, who have a strange USB locket of a purpose we don’t quite know yet. The main heroine is Charlotte “Charlie” Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos, Majority Rules!, Being Human), who ventures out into the world to reduce her brother Danny (Graham Rogers).

The road to rescue involves a lot of dangers from the various roving bands as well as the militia themselves who are hunting down the Matheson family in hopes they know something about reversing the effects of the blackout. Also along for the journey is uncle Miles (Billy Burke, 24, Rizzoli & Isles), “stepmother” Maggie (Anna Lise Phillips), and former Google exec/family friend Aaron (Zak Orth).

Based on the pilot itself, there is plenty of Abrams and Kripke in the mix in terms of pacing, style and cinematography. Full of sweeping scenes of world left in ruins, we are drawn into the society and the dangers of what life could be if all our technology were suddenly rendered inert. Cars are left rusting where they lie, used as flower beds, while buildings overgrown with foliage provide shelter. It’s a world back to the roots of survival with a sense of despair, yet Charlie acts as beacon of hope in a society marked with bandits and survival of the fittest. (“Everyone we meet can’t be evil”)

Overall, I think it’s an interesting series. I always enjoy the post-apocalyptic society genre as it brings out the simplicity of society in how people either choose to be good or evil, despite the middle ground they sometimes find themselves. The characters themselves are fairly clear cut between good and evil (with the exception of the grayish but ultimately good Miles) and enjoyable to watch. It is definitely one of the stronger pilots I’ve seen this season and in the last few years in general.

Other Observations

  • Jon Favreau (yes that one) directs the Pilot episode.
  • What causes physics itself to become undone? A magnet plus a coil of wire equals electricity, and if that is no longer true, how is that possible?
  • I always wonder if American towns would just lie down their arms and submit to an outside militia in these situations. I would imagine it’d be more like Jericho where individual towns and cities turn in towards themselves and protect their own.

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