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Peter and Astrid look over the fence

Being the last season, season five of Fringe leaves no question that the season will be filled with action and suspense as all of our questions from the last four years will get answers.

The year is 2036, and the Fringe team, and the world, as we knew it, is gone, and in it’s place is a Orwellian dystopia controlled by the Observers. It’s cold and dark world that’s much more bleak than even last season’s episode. Peter and Walter have met up with the charismatic daughter Henrietta as they search for her mother Olivia.

This new type of show is very dark and suspenseful. There’s a lot to like, from the strong character interactions to the compelling storyline. Unfortunately, it also moves the show into a radical new direction. It’s unknown if we will ever return to the events of our younger back in the 2010s, but for now, Fringe is a pure future sci-fi action thriller through and through. There is something to be said about “freak of the week,” and I’m not sure if we’ll see those days again.

It has a lot of parallels to the case of Henrietta, who seems to have lost a lot of her innocence in the last twenty years. Have we lost the innocence of silly fringe science cases in trade for a sci-fi action series?

Other observations

  • Egg sticks – “What a miserable future”
  • Walnuts are worth as much as any precious resource
  • Clark Middleton reprises his role as bookshop owner Ed Markham
  • Olivia left for NYC to fight, but Peter stayed in Boston (due to the loss of Henrietta)
  • Encrypting a person’s brain. Fun times.
  • Faster than time guns are pretty cool.
  • The observers want to put the atmosphere like their time, barely breathable.
  • “It’s always the red wire…….unless it’s the white wire”
  • “Afro…do you have any music?”
  • Henrietta’s cover is pretty blown now…
  • Wouldn’t be Fringe without Walter running around without pants.

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