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Band or DJ

HIMYM 8x13 Band or DJ

The date is set for May 25, and the happy couple is on their way to planning their happy nuptials. Though as expected, Ted might have some other ideas.

“Band or DJ” revolves mostly around Ted and his internal struggle with the idea that Robin and Barney are engaged. Though at first Ted says to himself, “I’m a good guy and this is what I have to do for her” in letting her run off with Barney, the reality is that internally, Ted is pretty hurt. It’s a real feeling as we watch those we’ve loved and lost finally move on two their true destinies. Despite the fact that deep down we know it’s for the better, there’s always a small part of us that hangs on a bit to the hope and the idea that those lost loves will come back to our lives.

The symbolism of “Band or DJ” likely lies in the idea that if Robin goes with a “Band” she’s not going with a DJ, or specifically a DJ named Dr. X (Spoiler…that’s Ted). By choosing a band, Robin is not choosing Ted, and that hurts him more than he’s able to cope with well. It’s not a matter of finding a way over this hurdle, but rather a matter of allowing time to heal a deep wound. Fortunately, Ted will get over it, and his random life leads to running into old flame Cindy (Rachel Bilson) providing him with a great last minute wedding band booking for the wedding. This very same booking is of her former roommate, the future Mrs. Mosby and Bass player.

Meanwhile, in Robin and Barney’s story, Barney must confront Robin’s father Robin Charles Scherbatsky Sr. (with Ray Wise reprising his role) after his failure to ask his permission for Robin’s hand in marriage. As imposing as ever, Robin Sr. remains cold, calculating, and unforgiving of Barney as he attempts to toughen Barney up a bit. In the end though it’s Barney who brings Robin Sr. around to apologize to Robin Jr., and though not completely acting like a normal father, at least acknowledging his daughter is grown up.

Overall, the episode has a few humorous moments but falls flat in terms of character development and overall funny factor. It just felt like a needed episode to move along the plot, but with a confirmed 9th season, I worry that we are reaching a stretching out moment of the series while locking themselves into an unchangeable timeline. If their wedding is THIS year, what do we end up doing for the next year? I would be heartbreakingly disappointed in a full year of knowing who the mother is after this season and have a year of their wedding planning on top of Robin’s wedding planning.

Other Observations

  • Confetti is the latest euphemism for Marvin’s dirty deeds
  • Parents on Facebook is always a fear
  • Quick montage of Ted getting hurt is fun for a laugh
  • Lily possibly suffers from Postpartum depression, which may developing into more of a storyline this season
  • Cobie Smulders’s voice is very rough all episode, as if she lost her voice during their break.
  • “I haven’t slept in…January”
  • Of course Ted has a bigger wedding book that Lily.
  • “Grown men are not blonde!”


  • Poor Barney just can’t kill a cute fluffy bunny.
  • Barney will go as far as to dye his hair for Robin

Edit: It was brought up by a friend of mine that “Wedding Band” also could mean the wedding rings themselves.

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