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Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn – Project Reborn Review

Our heroes meet their final end in the series finale of Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn – 11:53 To Odessa Review

Did the Heroes Reborn mid-season finale answer your questions or just leave you with more?

Heroes Reborn – June 13 (Part 2)

“June 13th Part Two” provides all the back story we can handle and works to tie up a lot of loose ends in the plot, but does it merely create even more loopholes to handle with only two episodes left?

Heroes Reborn – June 13 (Part 1) Review

Can Noah and Hiro save the summit and what do they learn when they travel back?

Heroes Reborn – Game Over Review

With only 5 episodes left, “Game Over” significantly moves the plot and starts the consolidation processes of the many different storylines. With a show that started out with far too many individual stories, “Game Over” mercifully starts to bring us… Continue Reading →

Heroes Reborn – The Lion’s Den

“The Lion’s Den” moves Heroes Reborn along at a relatively useful pace, but the depth for most of the story lines is still lacking in a lot of ways despite a huge reveal. To be far to the show, they… Continue Reading →

Heroes Reborn – The Needs of the Many Review

“The Needs of The Many” continues to show us exactly why the original Heroes died a painful death all those years ago.

Heroes Reborn – Under the Mask Review

Heroes Reborn continues on with “Under the Mask” but does it make any sense of the plethora of storylines from the first two hours?

Heroes Reborn – Brave New World / Odessa Review

After burying itself into a hole so deep it took 5 years for it to climb out, Heroes returns with Heroes: Reborn, but has creator Tim Kring learned anything in his time in the black hole that was the plot?

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