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Heroes Reborn – The Lion’s Den

“The Lion’s Den” moves Heroes Reborn along at a relatively useful pace, but the depth for most of the story lines is still lacking in a lot of ways despite a huge reveal.

To be far to the show, they do finally let us know what the big bad disaster that’s coming. The Earth’s magnetic poles will reverse, leaving it vulnerable to a massive solar flare which will wipe out everything on the planet (more or less the same reveal as The Knowing). This actually has a lot of ties into Noah’s storyline specifically.

I’m not really sure why Claire supposedly let herself die. I’m still not convinced she is dead. In any rate, the news that the world is about to be burned away would definitely drive Noah to wipe his mind. If you know the world’s going to end, and that the one person who has the blood to save the human race is dead, might as well go though the end blissfully unaware.

HEROES REBORN -- "The Lion's Den" Episode 105 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kiki Sukezane as Miko Otomo, Toru Uchikado as Ren Shimosawa -- (Photo by: John Medland/NBC)
HEROES REBORN — “The Lion’s Den” Episode 105 — Pictured: (l-r) Kiki Sukezane as Miko Otomo, Toru Uchikado as Ren Shimosawa — (Photo by: John Medland/NBC)

I think now that we have a clearer view how the danger the world faces, we can start to speculate why these heroes are so important. Storm Malina is clearly the only one who can save us all by controlling the flare’s energy. I think it’s safe to assume that she and Luke’s solar absorption are going to be very important. “Tommy” I assume will need to transport the heroes around the globe instantly to get them into the right positions at the right times.

Miko is still a mystery, but maybe it’s more about saving her father than her directly working to safe the world. Carlos is also a mystery, as I’m not even sure he has any powers.

As a whole though, the episode itself is pretty shallow with so many clichéd and forced scenes it’s almost a parody of itself. The pure copy of X-Men registration with the ATF “Evo Division” complete with jerk agent is purely makes no real sense other than to reveal to Tommy about his history. Half the episode itself felt like it was centered around how bad Luke feels about murdering all those people and the death of his son. It was completely heavy-handed, and I can’t imagine a more annoying way to portray Luke as a “recovering good guy” in time for the end.

HEROES REBORN -- "The Lion's Den" Episode 105 -- Pictured: Zachary Levi as Luke Collins -- (Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)
HEROES REBORN — “The Lion’s Den” Episode 105 — Pictured: Zachary Levi as Luke Collins — (Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)

Now that we are halfway though the series run, hopefully we can pick things up and start putting these heroes together. For a brief moment, we had Noah and Miko together, but for a reason that isn’t clear to me at all, she just jacks the sword and leaves them to fight among themselves.

With the never-ending face-palms this show can generate, I hope the last 5 episodes at least give us a worthwhile payoff.

Other Observations

  • Wow Miko, what kind of jerk move is that to just peace out. I know saving your father is important, but are you just going to screw everyone else to save him? Also, isn’t jumping back into the game meant for her to head back to Tokyo?
  • With no Joanne this week, Tommy takes the spot as the most unlikable character in the show. Yes, you’re adopted, but common. You have powers. Don’t you think your mom was trying to protect you or something?
  • “You’re going to save the world!” “No, I’m not.” And instead I’m going to let the world die because I’m pissed at mother.
  • Isn’t the tracker still in Tommy’s arm?
  • Carlos is literally Batman minus the bat-ears on his mask.
  • Stuffing your cellphone into the gas cap is actually pretty smart.
  • Quentin’s sister is Phoebe “The Shadow” who I guess can block abilities.
  • Why did they not chase after Malina? I mean, she’s clearly the priority target. Why didn’t they go after her past the warehouse? What did Farah do to slow them down?
  • NBC is the worst about promos. I mean, they constantly reference the fact that Hiro is “gone” or “dead” yet in the stupid promos since before the show aired we’ve seen him teased constantly.

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