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Change You Can’t Believe In

In a more “realistic” episode, we find Ted and Veronica trying to change their coworkers around them. As Phil and Lem try to build a new PA system for the building.

Phil and Lem can't escape working with Veronica

Unlike most episodes of Better of Ted, this episode shows Veridian as a somewhat normal place to work with normal problems.  The main story revolves around how you shouldn’t try to change people who you don’t fit well with.  What’s even better is both plots revolve around this idea in their own unique way.

In the first plot Ryan, a chatty front desk security guard, has the uncanny ability to suck you into time wasting conversation for half an hour.  As nice as he is, it drives Ted crazy and makes him late to everything, so much that he’s willing to go though the back way though the den of deadly spiders. Linda on the other hand, drives the poor Mr. Crebs crazy trying to make small talk with him despite the fact he just doesn’t care.  The second plot revolves around Phil and Lem building a new executive PA system to replace the broken one in the building, the very system that sends the entire building into a panicked evacuation every time it goes off. It is the first time that Phil and Lem have ever done a project without Ted, and as expected, they are scared out of their wits. Veronica, not putting up with the lovable Phil and Lem’s idea exchanges, orders them to present individualy just because that’s the way she wants it.

While this episode doesn’t have the insane antics that we are accustomed to from Veridian, it does provide a relatable insight into some realistic dynamics of the workplace.  A lot of the time it’s just not worth trying to change people who don’t fit in with you. There were a lot of good smirk-able dialog exchanges in this episode, but it just didn’t have the usually biting satire that some of it’s other episodes have.

That is not to say it was a weak episode, though, just a slightly more realistic one.  I like the more absurd plots myself.  The dialog contained a lot of callbacks to itself, and with plenty of one liners available, the delivery was great as usual.

Interesting Tidbits

  • “Your hair is so perfect, man I wanna be you…wah…nothing..boom..and all clear” – Lem as he runs his hand though Ted’s hair
  • Order of happiest hats in the world  – Sombrero, Fez, Ten Gallon Hat
  • Veronica’s names for Phil and Lem – Bunsen and Beaker, Dog and Pony
  • Phil – “That’s not how we work” Veronica – “Exactly..that’s NOW how you work.”
  • Linda’s Mom’s sayings – “Getting to know people is the best way to get to know people.” “You eat what you eat.” “Watch what you watch, and see what you see”
  • “I heard what you said but it bothered me so i changed it” – Veronica to Linda
  • Apparently Phil can speak in whistle, and Lem understands it.
  • This episode also marked the return of the Veridian commercials (Some people hate them, I personally love them.) “Time spent with friends at work robs your employer of productivity. Friendship it’s the same as stealing”
  • Phil “We combined the volume and mic controls into one convenient nipple. Sorry. Nipple. Sorry. Nipple. Sorry.” Veronica “You’re just a shivering chiwawa aren’t you?”
  • Veronica’s fun with the PA – “I am veronica, queen of Veridian.” “The gorilla habitat wil be closed in 15 minutes.” “Price check on peas.” “And now it’s time for all the young people to come to the dance floor.”
  • Veronica and Ted have a moving rendition of “I Got You Babe” over the new PA.
  • Phil running away from Veronica is “like ostrich in a lab coat trying to catching a bus.”
  • “It’s lonely always knowing what’s best” – Veronica

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