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Chuck Vs. First Class

Chuck goes on his first solo mission to Paris, while Morgan and Casey deal with the BuyMore insurgency led by Lester.

Hannah and Chuck

In tonight’s episode of Chuck, Agent Bartowski gets his chance to prove himself on his very first solo mission. For the last three seasons, we’ve seen Chuck grow and grow as a spy, despite the fact he never had any real training. Until now, though, Chuck has always been playing support and backup to Casey and Sarah, but Shaw feels like it’s time for Chuck to go out on his own.

Flying to Paris, (in first class!) we get a chance to meet our newest guest star, Hannah (Kristin Kreuk). The chemistry between Chuck and Hanna is immediate and very..sweet. If there was any question as to why Chuck was able to sweetheart someone like like Sarah, they should just watch how awkwardly smooth he is here. I guess though, it helps that Hanna is obviously interested in Chuck as well. As we already know Hannah will be working at the BuyMore next week, I’m sure this is going to lead to some interesting conflict between Chuck and Sarah.

Meanwhile, back at the BuyMore, Morgan’s promotion is starting to catch up with him. Jeff and Lester have teamed up, and coerced the rest of the store to take up arms against him. The writers give us a little bit more in the antics of the BuyMore employees. Lester has moved himself into a kingpin like position, . ┬áIt’s a refreshing aside from the sometimes overly serious tone of Chuck’s missions. I hope that with Casey’s torture and brainwashing of Lester we haven’t seen the end of the insurgency of the BuyMore.

In a move that proves that Chuck actually can hold his cover, he convincingly drops his successful executive cover with Hannah and reveals that he actually works at the BuyMore as a NerdHerder. The trick is he reveals he is doing an onsite install in Paris for a client, a story that is simple and totally believable. Chuck seems to be at his best when he stays close to his source material, and not when he tries to be the super spy he wants to be.

In the end, this was a final exam for Chuck. Shaw, whomever he is, understands the value of Chuck and his skills. He also realizes that Chuck needs to be pushed to his limits so he can control his skills. It opens the door for Chuck to have an even more direct role in future missions.

Interesting Observations

  • Chuck’s drink: Martini, shaken not stirred.
  • “Just a little human to human..noid..interaction.” – Chuck to Jeff as he drugs his drink.
  • “Insurgents…I hate insurgents.” – Casey with a grin
  • “Personally, I have quite often wondered if the BuyMore is really an insane asylum.” – Chuck
  • Shaw is an interestingly mysterious guy. He doesn’t’ exist…anywhere, and he’s only lost one spy ever, his wife Eve.
  • Hannah is played by Kristin Kreuk.
  • Hugo is played by Stone Cold Steve Austin.
  • I fly a lot, and I usually try to fly alone for the sole purpose of that chance meeting with someone amazing. What I wouldn’t do for a chance meeting with Kristin Kreuk…
  • Flash skills: Fencing, Nunchuckery
  • Music selection for the week: End song – “L’amoureuse” by Carla Bruni. Shazam hasn’t been able to identify the other songs this episode, so if anyone knows I’d be appreciative.

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