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Embassy Row

Chance is poisoned and has to catch a rogue spy inside the Russian Embassy, while trying to convince a beautiful FBI agent he’s one of the good guys.

Emma and Chance

In this week’s Human Target, Chance has to sneak into the Russian Embassy to hunt down the spy who killed his friend and is trying to sell secret weapons to the highest bidder. ¬†Along the way, he runs into an gorgeous FBI agent while trying to avoid Russian security and find the antidote his poisoning. And with that, you have the entire plot of the episode.

With three episodes of Human Target now aired, I have to seriously wonder about the viability of this show. On the one hand, it’s an extremely fun show with plenty of action. On the other hand, I keep getting the feeling that I’ve quite literally seen it all before. During the episode, we have one sequence between Agent Emma Barnes and Chance where they fight it out in an office. I’m immediately reminded of the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” right down to the similar red dress and tango music. It’s not to say that it doesn’t work in the context of the episode, but I wonder if there is a lack of creativity overall. In another sequence, we have Emma and Chance handcuffed together, making their escape on a motorcycle a la “Tomorrow Never Dies.”

I haven’t figured out if the show is a nod to action movies, or just plain ripping them off. In either case though, until the show itself falls off a cliff in ridiculousness, I think it’ll remain enjoyable.

Interesting Observations

  • “If I were a prostitute, I’d be a damn expensive one.” – Emma
  • “You’re not what I thought you were…not a neanderthal” – Emma
  • How in the world does Agent Emma’s dress and hair stay that clean through the get away and the fighting? Oh silly Hollywood.

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