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Chuck Vs. The Angel of Death

Devon gets his chance to try out the life of a spy as Casey has to protect the man he’s hunted over the last 30 years.

The Angel of Death, Casey

This was a very Devon and Ellie centric episode, though mostly it revolved around Devon. Devon has known about Chuck for some time now, and now he get’s his chance, though unintentionally, to find out what it’s like to be a spy on a real mission.

The story revolves around Premier Alejandro Goya of Costa Grava, a outspoken dictator who took his country via force but is now wanting to open it up to democratic elections.  The Ring though, has other plans, and wants to assassinate the dictator. Their first attempt fails, though, after the miraculous efforts of Devon who saves Goya’s life.

In gratitude, Goya invites Devon and his wife, along with Chuck and Sarah to a state dinner, which works out perfectly for our spies.  Despite years of trying to assassinate Goya themselves, his announcement of open democratic elections is exactly what the United States needs to help diplomatic relations.  Unfortunately, Casey has earned himself a name as “The Angel of Death” in his attempts to kill Goya in the past, and any attempts by the spies to assist him will probably result in an incident no one needs.  And after spending three decades trying to kill him, there is little trust anyways.

While at the party, we are treated to Chucks fun (yet predictable) flash of the week, salsa dancing!  Unlike last week where you never ever see Levi’s face during his acrobatic stint, you do see him a doing some simple salsa moves as he and Sarah move to intercept a would be assassin.  Unfortunately, he was merely a political activist, and they get thrown out of the party. The real assassin had already infiltrated Goya’s security and is quickly moving in. Under orders, Casey, in yet another hilariously bad disguise, has to move in to take down the real killer, flashing his gun to Devon who promptly rushes him to the ground thinking he was an assassin.

With the “Angel of Death” finally captured after all these years, Goya takes little time to gloat over Casey, right up until his interrogator, the real assassin, poisons him. Devon is once again called to save the Premier’s life, an opportunity Sarah and Chuck use to get into the consulate and extract Casey.

Thinking his job is done, the assassin goes back to Casey to finish him off. In the end though, his gloating gives Casey the chance to escape, but not before getting poisoned and shot in the leg as he’s being rescued.

Dragging him back to Devon, they attempt to run, but Devon refuses, staying to save Goya’s life. Of course their delay results in them getting surrounded by guards with Casey bleeding out. In order to prove they weren’t trying to assassinate Goya, Chuck has prove he was an actual doctor by saving Casey’s life.  Fortunately, Chuck was able to flash skills in trauma surgery and save themselves.  Also, Devon was able to save Goya’s life as well, ironically using Casey’s compatible blood.

In the final closing scenes, we find out that the assassin had escaped and returned to the hospital to exact revenge on Devon, whose fate is unclear.


Overall this episode was pretty decent in concept. We finally get to see a lot more of Devon and Ellie as well as see someone else jump into the spy game for once. Chuck himself seems fairly comfortable now as a spy and his confidence is definitely growing. There were no scenes of the Buy More gang or B-story at all tonight, but I think the plot was interesting enough without them. Had they been included, the episode would likely have been way too rushed.

There was a lot less Sarah and Chuck drama this episode. They resign to being “friends.” Hopefully there will be less awkwardness for a while.  The show works well when they are working together, not trying to proclaim their feelings for each other every other second.

Interesting Observations

  • A Communist Dictator who took his country by force has a heart attack as he’s rebuilding diplomatic relations between the United States?  That sounds familiar….
  • Ellie has started to notice there are a lot of helicopters flying overhead lately. Apparently Chuck has a thing for air dropping in
  • “What kind of CIA mission?” “Same ole same ole, bad guy has a fancy cocktail party. The other bad guy tries to sell him a fancy weapon”
  • Casey: “Didn’t you personaly give me orders that commie crackpot on 3 occasions?” General: “And 3 times you failed to complete your orders.” Sarah: “Thought you had a perfect record.” Chuck: “Wow this has gotten entertainingly uncomfortable”
  • “Is there anything your brother in law can’t do?” “Well..thus the nickname.”
  • “At last, they’ve come for me.” – Casey with a smile on his face as they go to visit Devon across the way
  • “How do you do it chuck?  How did you not fall for her?”  – Devon.  How indeed..
  • After flashing, Chuck and Sarah don’t seem to move very far or fast across the dance floor.
  • “Ok ladies, yeah I’m talking to you Bartowski” – Casey
  • Why is the general wearing a dress during one of their updates?
  • What kind of terrible poison is that? It doesn’t kill anyone, or if it does it takes forever and is very easy to counter. That assassin must be the worst assassin ever.
  • In the end, it seems like Devon has died, but in the promos it’s up to the gang to rescue him.  Promo fail?

Flash skills of the week: Salsa Dancing, Leg Trauma Surgery

Songs of the week: There was only one song at the end in the Orange Orange but I couldn’t make it out

Gratuitous scene of Sarah: Nurse’s outfit with an impossibly short lab coat

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