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Girls Versus Suits

Tonight marks the 100th How I Met Your Mother episode, and it definitely delivers.

Rachel Bilson Guest Stars

Tonight was the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother, and Bays/Thomas definitely delivered. Both plots tonight, have pretty equal weight and stand pretty well on their own individually.

One one side, we have Ted meeting a gorgeous girl on campus who was in the economics class he mistakenly tried to teach. Of course, Bays and Thomas works exceptionally hard to teases the viewer into thinking she was the mother, when in fact she is merely the roommate of the mother. I guess any girl we meet until the final episode is guaranteed to not be the mother, but the incessant easing will likely never let up. Tonight though, we get closer to learning about the mother than we ever have before. I found it pretty sweet that of all the things in Cindy’s room and apartment, Ted instantly connects with only the items that belong to her roommate.

On the other story, we have Barney attempting to score with the new hot bartender. Unfortunately for him, she had a deep hatred for men in suits. (“The last three guys I dated were all from Wall Street”). We finally find out what happens to Barney without his suits, and to what lengths he’ll go to get the girl.

This episode is full of things for the fans and the new viewers alike. One of the strongest points of this show is the ensemble cast which does not disappoint tonight. We get another callback to Lilly’s latent bisexual tendencies as she tries to reaffirm that the bartender is hot, while Robin tries to reaffirm she’s still the hottest woman in the bar. Marshal puts on a great look as he reaffirms that Lilly is still the hottest girl in his life.

Bays and Thomas write their dialogue like they do a debate a lot of the time. They always start with an argument or idea, and then expand upon the idea with plenty of examples and supporting evidence. It’s one of the great stables of the writing of the show and this episode definitely provides.

The final musical number is just a special treat for all Neil Patrick Harris fans. Jason Segal get’s another opportunity to sing as well, and the rest of the cast is able to get away with a single sorta sung line. The whole number was pretty silly but clever. Newer viewers will probably wonder why it was in here, but I think most fans will enjoy it.

Though the never ending teasing about who the mother might be may get old, I hope we won’t find out for another 100 episodes at least!

Funny Observations

  • Ted confiscates the good beer for himself.
  • “Foreign Direct Investment and Intergenerational Linkages in Consumption Behavior” is very hot
  • “Only 2 things could cause this type of commotion….Boobs” – Barney
  • Barney talks about landing a hot bartender, but what happened to Wendy?  Didn’t he end up with her once?
  • Wind machines make anyone look hot.
  • “A drink called that vodka and get the hell out of my face?”
  • “Hell yeah I’m gay, gay for you” – Marshal to Lilly
  • Why does barney have red shoes?
  • That door didn’t seem thick, but it was enough to fit a whole suit in it?
  • Secret Agent Man was playing during that sequence.
  • They decided to go with introducing the tailor as the guy who looks like “TV’s Tim Gunn”
  • Die Neue Wohnung translates to “The New House.” Not sure of the reference.
  • “Suits: Wingmen You can wear” – Sign on a bus stop bench
  • “I don’t wanna go back….I was somebody back there…everybody loved me” – Robin
  • Will the mother ask how the yellow umbrella got back to the apartment?  Will Cindy lie about it?
  • Rachel Bilson is the guest star of the week as Cindy. If her roommate is cuter than her, I don’t even know what to think.

List of things that Ted wants

  • Elegant yet welcoming home in westchester, with a sensible morgange i can handle without dipping into my savings
  • Two kids i raised with a stern yet loving hand with a fine balance between father and friend
  • Triplet schnauzers Frank, Loyd and Wright

List of things about the mother

  • She painted robots playing volleyball
  • She likes to make breakfast food sing showtunes
  • Has the album The Unicorns – Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone  (which is a real album)
  • Likes the book Worlds End, TC Boyle
  • Is a Bass guitar player

Barneyism of the Week: (Partial) List of people he’s slept with.

  • “Lawyers, teachers, poets, doctors, professional equestrian, amateur equestrian, butcher, baker, candlestick maker, math professor, tax assessor, weight guesser, puppeteer, blackjack dealer, stay at home mom, a circut court judge”

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