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The Impertence of Communicationizing

Our friends at Veridian dynamics are forced to insult each other in by far the funniest episode of Better of Ted ever.

The Perfect Insult Generator Formula

This first episode of another pair of disappointing ABC episode burning, was probably the shining moment of both seasons so far. It’s no secret that I have a huge love for Better Off Ted’s pointed corporate satire and well written dialog, but tonight’s episode takes that to new levels I couldn’t have even imagined.

Tonight’s episode revolves around communication in the workplace, or more specifically, the never ending stream of corporate memos that often times don’t make sense. After a mistake by their assistant, upper management inadvertently hands down a memo requiring all staff to use offensive language and insults to each other. Of course being Veridian, management is never at fault and therefore the ruling stands. This leads to the most brilliantly funny exchanges of dialog I have ever seen on a sitcom.

Are characters are free to call out everyone to their hearts content with no repercussions. Normally I would quote some of the best material of the episode, but quite frankly, I would end up quoting the entire episode line by line. Even Phil and Lem get into the act as they construct the perfect insult math formula, which in itself results in some choice moments.

This episode makes a home run in satirizing the idea of insane company policies; policies that they are unwilling to relent upon because the company never makes mistakes. It’s been a while since we’ve seen another episode written by producer Mike Teverbaugh (the last of which was “Secrets and Lives”).  While all of the show writes have proven themselves to be amazing, Teverbaugh easily has the most memorable episodes, and this one was no exception.

This was very much an ensemble episode, and it definitely plays off the strengths of all the characters. I would almost be reserved to suggest new viewers watch this episode first, because I’m not sure if it is even possible to match it on a comedic level ever again.

Just a few observations

  • “So this is guilt huh?  I’ve always counteracted those feelings with emotions like sugar or drunk.” – Veronica
  • Casual Fribsday – The Ancient Mayan’s first ever 8th day of the week in 2024
  • Insults given to Ted – Butt-munch, white-teethed-Ken-doll, turd-head, pretty-boy-suit-rack, dill-weed, corporate-chimp.
  • You’ve been…. Lem’basted, Ted’ucated, Phil’abusted!
  • There words to make men run away: Future, Babies, Commitment
  • The forumula for perfect insulting Person’s physical feature = (male, femal, or animal) genitalia  + (-bag, -wipe, or -muncher)
  • The HR director has an amazingly horrible name.

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