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Lust In Translation

Ted mixes work and personal life, Linda beats Veronica at a game, and Phil and Lem realize they are evil scientists.

Greta (Stefanie von Pfetten)

Lust in Translation brings us back to the silly story lines that don’t have too much basis in reality, but provide ample chances of comedic events.

Ted is in charge of a corporate partnership between a German company to distribute translation devices. Of course the CEO of the German company is Greta Schultz, a blonde bombshell that Ted instantly looses all sanity over. On the other side, we have Linda actually getting the upper hand on the ever controlling Veronica in a game of Linda-Bagel, completely derailing Veronica as she seeks out her revenge and rematch. Gluing both of these plots together, we have Phil and Lem who have recently become aware that they are indeed evil mad scientists, who then attempt to find ways to redeem themselves.

Overall, there isn’t much to the plot of this episode, as it’s fairly simplistic with a typical man falls for woman from work, then screws up the relationship risking the business side as well. Of course Ted redeems himself at the end, though a bit too conveniently (and hilariously).

With that said though, it’s still a pretty strong ensemble cast episode with plenty of laughs. I judge this show by how many lines I end up quoting as I take notes, and this is another “write the whole script down” episode.

Interesting Observations

  • Stefanie von Pfetten (Greta) is a serial guest star. I guess she just has that look that I love people want.
  • Germans think that Veridian is ruthlessly efficient and bent on world domination.
  • Irish auditors think Veridian accounting drinks too much and writes overly depressing poetry.
  • Lem: “Maybe we’re evil scientists” Phil: “(Manic Evil Laughter) Sorry, I laugh like that when faced with an unpleasant truth. That’s why I got thrown out of that Al Gore movie.”
  • “This isn’t a library, you can’t just leave your trash wherever you want.” – Linda
  • “We believe the Multi-Language Translator will create a furor in Germany, a furor that will sweet across Europe, crushing….no….” – Veronica
  • “I’m good at everything I do.  I’m not bragging, because bragging is the one thing I’m not good at.  Although if I wanted to be I’d be excellent at that too.  As I’ve just proved.” – Veronica
  • “Who wouldn’t want to sound like a 90 food robot?” – Lem. Who indeed…
  • Oh God, we have unhappy Germans. Nothing good has ever come from that.” – Veronica
  • “Put on your leather shorts, dark shoes, socks up to the knees and stomp around our fine city.” – Veronica
  • “This deal too important, and Sex can screw things up. Why do you think the Three Stooges whent though so many Curly’s.” – Veronica
  • “Glasses and moustache are the same person” – Ted of Phil and Lem
  • “Oh Queen Linda, the dainty footed.” – Veronica of Linda
  • “Flem and little bird man” – Greta of Phil and Lem
  • “I like this voice.  It’s warm and friendly, and almost gender neutral.” – Greta of Phil’s voice
  • The other talking machine project, a talking frying talking pan that screams when you put it on the burner, and criticizes your butter usage.
  • Movies spoiled by Lem, Sixth Sense, Rocky 4, Godfather
  • Art history degree = Time Waster’s Hall of Fame (sorry Art history friends, but you know that’s funny)
  • “Using them would be like beating a unicorn to death with a bag of rainbows.” – Lem
  • Veronica is usually better at lying though her teeth on the spot, losing must have her frazzled.
  • Veronica’s taunt nicknames of Linda: Meat, Chicken bone
  • I’ve never been so sure about being unsure about anything in my life” – Lem

Things that kill you in the lab:

  • People skinning laser
  • Man eating ficus
  • Weight loss thing that kills people

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