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Hard Sell

Peter’s agenda is revealed, Neil is on the search again, and the FBI works to take down a Wall Street scam.

Neil pours on his charm

After last December’s gripping reveal, we find Neil back in the office trying to oust the truth from his partner Peter. In case you had forgotten, the last scene from the previous episode before winter break showed Peter meeting with Kate with the very same ring from the photograph on his finger. It was pretty hard evidence that Peter was potentially pulling all the strings. In reality though (or is it?) that final scene was merely a red herring.

As for the main plot line, we have Neil going after Wall Street scammers in an opportunistic jab at modern news. ┬áIt is a pretty throw away plot when the real interest is in the truth behind Peter and Kate. According to Peter, he met with Kate not to go over his nefarious plot, which he really oversold I think with the dark hotel room meeting, but to get information about Harding, the true mastermind behind Kate’s actions.

The writers leave us with an interesting conundrum. We the viewer never got to see that particular exchange in the hotel room for real. What we see is Peter’s recanting of said exchange. Is Peter telling the truth? Was he truly meeting with Kate to help Neil? Or is Harding telling the truth, and Peter is actually conning Neil? Perhaps I have watched too many shows where the best friend betrays and have become jaded, but would it not be a twist if it were true? This show is about the long con-game, so how do we know the writers are not conning the viewers?

I think it leads to some interesting thoughts as the show goes on to finish it’s first season. While the series itself might not be the most deep show on the air, as you watch you will no longer be help looking for clues as to who the true man in the shadows will be. It makes you question every move Peter makes, and, perhaps brilliantly, will engage the audience to a deeper level than the show might even deserve.

Interesting Observations

  • “You could sell light switches to the Amish” – Peter to Neil
  • What’s so special about the music box? I hope we don’t end up with some silly Lara Croft type thing.
  • Peter has actually caught Kate (who is also a thief) before. Does Neil know this?

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