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Our Dear Leaders

A new doctor is in town and Turk is feeling jealous. Meanwhile, Drew abandons Lucy and the gang, so they turn on each other.

Drew and Cox

Scrubs finally starts to make some headway into establishing the lives of the interns as the primary focus of the show, though it still spends a lot of time dealing with Turk growing as the chief of surgery. Dr. Russell (Reno Wilson) makes a visit, and threatens the status quo as the most popular person at the hospital.

In the main story, we have Drew abandoning Lucy and the group during hell week, leaving them to their own dysfunctional personalities as they prepare their coursework for the upcoming report. On the second story, we have Turk continuously trying to assert himself as the leader of the hospital, despite Dr. Russell easily taking all the attention away from him.

It’s a pretty loose episode overall, and there weren’t very many laughs I thought. Kelso is still hanging around, and there is still no definition as to who is the focus character with it switching between Lucy and Turk all of the time. The final takeaway this episode, I guess, is that leadership is knowing when to step up and take charge, and when to step aside in follow. The whole season so far continues to feel like an afterthought unfortunately, and I’m not sure how long it can hold out.


  • Mahoney talks about her throat seizing up from her hell week, and she ends up with a rough voice the rest of the episode. I’m not sure if that was acting or if she actually did have a sore throat.
  • “You are a nasty old man.” – Mahoney “Thanks, dear.” – Kelso
  • Mahoney watches “The Bachelor”! And cries!
  • There is a terrifying amount of horse paraphernalia in Lucy’s room.
  • Supermodel intern didn’t have any lines at all, which is a¬†disappointing¬†to me personally.

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