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Anthropology 101

Community returns with a great season premere with plenty of gags and pop culture that fans love.

'And we're back'

Two things always worry me about shows I like. The first being that a new season might change the formula that made the show so lovable in the first place. The second thing is stunt guest stars. Fortunately, Community does not error on either of these points, and we have another strong example of why this underrated show is so good.

As a quick aside, @oldwhitemansays is a real twitter account. Considering it started over the summer and has been tweeting since last week, I have to almost conclude that it is owned by the show itself and not a fan made account.

Tonights episode brings our study group back from a nice summer break and continues to acknowledge the “I love you Jeff Winger” ending of last season. The episode as a whole moves quickly to redraw in fans to the show while giving a micro-snapshot of all the characters for new viewers. It also introduces guest star Betty White as the insane anthropology teacher, fortunately using her sparingly as merely a crazy teacher and not some type of uncomfortable sex crazed old lady.

The biggest thing I could fault this episode on, though, is the cluttered feeling of the episode as they try to cram and resolve the majority of last season’s plots all at once. I’m not sure how well it will do against CBS powerhouse Big Bang Theory, but I hope the NBC executives understand that quality written shows like this deserve to have a long run.

Other thoughts

  • “Someone’s talking my chang-uage”
  • Starburns + hat = girl magnet
  • Ahbed’s meta-commentary is what makes the show for me.
  • The best moments in the episode are the looks of agony by Annie watching Jeff and Britta.
  • Jeff and Britta’s kiss was the most awkward television kiss ever filmed, ever.
  • Then again, the half Jeff half Britta balloons are just plain freaky.
  • “Men are monsters who secretly crave young flesh.” – Underlying metaphor of Twilight

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