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Well Fringe is back, and it’s back in fine form. In tonights first of two season premiers, we see what has happened to Olivia since she was switched.

'Olivia searches for Massive Dynamics'

Well Fringe is back, and it’s back in fine form. In tonights first of two season premiers, we see what has happened to Olivia since she was switched with the alternative Olivia (hence referred to as ‘Bolivia’). In case you forgot, at the end of the season finale, Olivia and crew were escaping back to their universe where in a mass of confusion, the Bolivia was able to incapacitate our Olivia and take her place on the trip back. Last we saw, our Olivia was left stuck in a cell as Boivia was quietly assuming her role as an infiltrator, using her Olivia level intuition to fool the team.

Olivia picks up right where we left off with Olivia undergoing a chemical based reprogramming to make her act and believe she really is Bolivia. This is part of Walternate’s master plan to defeat the “invaders from the other reality bent on destroying our universe.” The episode as a whole was quickly paced and really draws you in with a great performance between reluctant cab driver Henry (‘Andre Royo’) and Olivia. It’s going to be very interesting to see if deep down Olivia will break out of her mind control and remember that she’s in the wrong place. With the sealing of the opera house and the fact that there is no Massive Dynamics, she’s going to have to find a new way to get home as well.

I’m really going to enjoy seeing how the writers cope with the fact that they’ve committed to two complete and independent (while totally related) story lines. For those who are unaware, all odd numbered episodes are from the “other” side while even numbered episodes are from our side. Next week, we get to see what Bolivia is up to, and I’m sure all of us are going to be on the lookout for some downplayed actions that might reveal her objectives.

Next week, Anna Torv playing Bolivia pretending to be Olivia.

Other Notes

  • As noted, odd episodes take place in the alternative universe, while even episodes take place in ours.
  • Agent Lincoln Lee isn’t dead, but he sure has seen better days.
  • Their ID cards are actually called “Show Me Card”
  • They have daily flights to the moon via ‘GlatterFlug’ with the motto ‘Don’t give her diamonds, give her the moon.’ That…is…awesome.
  • Tom Cruise has a TV show.
  • There is a strong anti-amber movement that’s brewing. Ambering is sealing off the rifts locking everything and everyone in stasis.
  • “I know I sound insane, but I’m not’ – Olivia
  • Nanite wraps…cool!
  • Apparently Bolovia is an Olympic marksman, and those traits are also part of the reprograming.
  • High wheel bicycles are still popular over there.
  • Broyles and Walter both know that it’s the wrong Olivia.
  • Bolivia has changed her hair back.
  • President John F. Kennedy is a UN Ambasador
  • Martin Luther King and Eldridge Cleaver gave a joint “We Have a Dream”
  • Dogs is a smash hit musical.

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