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'Pete listens to Myka's resignation letter'

And with that, we are left with a bittersweet end to Warehouse 13 Season 2. Pete and Myka save the world from utter destruction via H G Wells, but it comes at a grave cost.

Warehouse 13, though originally thought of as good, but not that good, has finally come around to being a great science fiction show with a lot of appeal to a broad range of demographics. In tonight season finale, Pete and Myka must stop Helena from her utter quest to destroy the entire human race as punishment for the sins of humanity in general. The whole concept of her resurrecting her daughter was merely a red herring, as her daughter’s death was the primary catalyst for her unbridled rage towards humanity. It ends up being an interesting social commentary on the idea that the world is so messed up that it needs to be wiped clean of people and allowed to start over again.

I think what appeals the most about this show is the idea that many of the things we learn about in history could have had some type of supernatural reasoning behind it in the form of the various artifacts. Many times, I take a moment to think about what historical relevance the case might have and how an artifact plays into our concept of its history. Sadly, it is unknown if there will be a third season, but the finale was written out in such a way that it could end as it is and satisfy the serial story arch advocates. Hopefully we’ll have an announcement soon as to the show’s fate, and I hope SyFy understands that their core audience truly enjoys these types of shows.

Other Thoughts

  • With Myka leaving, would a new season revolve around getting her back or is she gone for good?
  • Will there be a new Regent liasion after the death of Valda?
  • Pete trying to make a the carpet fly was hillarious.
  • Are the Regents going to unbury Warehouse 2 and collect its artifacts?
  • How is everyone not insanely jet lagged from flying back and forward across the world multiple times with no breaks?

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