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Architect of Destruction

On tonight’s How I Met Your Mother, we go a little into the psyche of any person in a relationship and the fact that it’s a fine line between changing your personality for someone and changing your personality because of someone.

"Ted is busted"

On tonight’s How I Met Your Mother, we go a little into the psyche of any person in a relationship and the fact that it’s a fine line between changing your personality for someone and changing your personality because of someone.

Ted runs into Zoe (Jennifer Morrison, House), a cute and totally crazy activist bent on saving the Arcadia Building in downtown, the very same building Ted is tasked with replacing. It’s another theme many people can relate to, which is the common thread that makes this show great. How many of us have changed major aspects of our lives to fit the likes of someone we are interested in? I’d be lying if I said wasn’t guilty of that fact as well, but generally the changes I’ve made in my life have been for the positive. While I can’t say that I’ve been an adrenaline junkie, went on a civil war reenactment, or LARPED (sorry A.F.), I can’t deny that my career as a swing dancer, my involvement in a children’s hospital Teddy Bear charity, and even the fact I have become an avid television watcher were all due to my interest in one girl or another. And while those relationships never really panned out, I think my life and the lives I’ve touched have been better because of them (well maybe not the 20+ hours of TV a week). Unlike Ted at least, I haven’t gone completely against my nature just in the name of impressing someone.

On the other story, we have the idea of do girls and guys talk about their sex lives with their friends? Obviously the guys, while not exactly classy, are much more discreet in their dealings, which is probably a true fact. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any guy I know go into great detail about their various after hours endeavors. On the other hand, I wonder if the idea that girls do talk about it is merely a over exaggerated carryover from the Sex and the City mentality. As my experience in that thinking is pretty much limited to fictionalized media, I really can’t say much one way or the other if it’s an accurate portrayal.

We’ve had lists, we have Ted being sweet and dumb, and we’ve had strange yet relevant conversations between friends with a great ensemble feel. How I Met Your Mother is definitely returning into it’s older fine form, and now all I long for is some episodes dedicated to some detailed Barneyism we’ve not seen yet this season.

Other Thoughts

  • “Speaking of disappointing weenies, Ted, tell them what you told me.” – Barney
  • “Max is both his name, and his level of awesomeness.” – Marshal
  • Barney might have some repressed guilt about the snake thing.
  • Wendy is back!
  • “Ted that’s so romantic, I wanna fill a pillowcase with dead batteries and beat you with it.”
  • Someone in the gang has junk that looks like Winston Churchill.
  • Barney drinks his own words when Ted gets him with the grape scotch.
  • Ted mistakes Zoe for a Drag Queen. Smooth moves Ted.
  • “She’s a hot architecture nerd. It’s the dream!” “Who’s dream?”
  • Evil laugh
    “I rented the chair, the bunny was here already, that was lucky, and I waited to do the dramatic swivel till i heard your key in the door.”
  • Ted Mosbey, the Architect of Destruction.
  • “I can’t stop thinking about you and Robin”
    “Oh i’ve had that a couple times, just lean into it and let it fuel things.”


Things to do when you are old

  • You can wear elastic on everything
  • Your lipstick doesn’t have to stay in the lines
  • You can shoplift and pretend you’re just confused
  • You can nap anywhere, even while driving

Dumb things Ted has done to impress a girl

  • Adrenaline Junkie
  • Civil War Reenactment
  • LARPing

Guy’s euphemisms for sex.

  • I hit that
  • I got some
  • I tapped it
  • I squeezed those

Things Zoe got arrested for

  • Chained herself to 100 year old tree
  • Stole a police horse at an anti war rally
  • Set car on fire after a Guns and Roses concert

Interesting Protest Signs

  • Hey Goliath! David’s coming to get you!
  • Building’s are People Too!
  • GNB puts the douche in fiduciary.
  • GNB – Gotham’s newest bully. (Kinda a call back to “Zoe, I’m batman)


  • The return of the Legend…wait for it….
    “Working together is going to be legen…. wait for it…I’m going to send you the rest in an inner office memo b/c we work together!”
    Sometime later “Ted, there’s an urgent memo for you.” “Dary.”
  • Any mention of an unknown girl results in the question of “Boobs?”
  • “New is always better.”
  • “Know who’s a million times hotter than the hottest girl i ever slept with, the ok looking friend I haven’t seen naked yet”
  • Barney pretended to be a rabbi to hook up with an Asian girl.

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