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Baby Talk

In Baby Talk, we see how Marshal and Lilly deal with the idea of having either a boy or girl, and Robin comes to a realization that she is possibly too independent, scaring away men.

"Marshals Voice Group" Tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother is an equal balance concentrating on both Marshal and Lilly’s baby making adventure and Robin’s realization that she’s perhaps an overly independent woman.

Overall, while it was a decent episode, I didn’t think “Baby Talk” was as strong as the previous couple week’s showings. There was plenty of humor as we saw the return of Barney’s challenges (to score by talking like a little boy), as well as some really creepy scenes of Becky acting like a little girl. I did like the fact that the writers spent some time working on Marshal and Lilly’s relationship and their realization that they really are trying to have a baby, which includes finding names and the idea that boy or girl, one of them might not get exactly what they were hoping for.

Interestingly, I had expected to see a lot more along the Robin/Becky storyline with actual conflict, but it was mostly an episode of self awareness by Robin. There were several touching lines by Barney as he reassured her awesomeness, a thinly veiled remark to remind everyone that he still is in love with her.

Other Thoughts

  • Marshal’s Glee group is both hilarious and creepy.
  • Secret to having a boy
    • Don’t let woman eat lemons (baby fertilizer)
    • Eat a jar of pickled herrings
    • Ice your junk
    • Face her north
  • Secret to having a girl
    • Eat lemons
    • Heat up your junk
    • Face South
  • I don’t want a girl, I just want a little boy
  • Of all the women in New York, you had to go out with an 8 year old.
  • Ted’s western style recall of the spider incident is also super creepy.
  • Marshal’s biggest fear, is his future daughter marry’s a “Barney”.


This week’s challenge, score by talking as a little boy. Attempted pickup lines include:

  • You got some tiggo-bitties
  • Gosh your body is a perfect this many (holding out 10 fingers)
  • Do you wanna wrestle in our special bathing suits?
  • Wanna come back to my place and play telephone? i got the strings, you got the cans.

I’ve used the word “creepy” to describe this episode in great length. I guess that is kind of the general feel of it.

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