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Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror

In Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror, we learn a lot about the reasons why Frost left Chuck and Ellie behind all those years ago. On the other hand, maybe we didnt learn anything.

"Robert Englund is just as scary as ever" In Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror, we learn a lot about the reasons why Frost left Chuck and Ellie behind all those years ago. On the other hand, maybe we didn’t learn anything.

An episode like this is a welcome sight to be sure. There is plenty of suspense with a touch of action and humor. The plot lines move along at a brisk and good pace and the episode never feels like it drags on needlessly. I think Chuck as a show is strongest when they lay back from the heavy doses of drama and character relations and stay with a tighter plot driven story. Zachary Levi and Linda Hamilton have a good dynamic, and in her first real foray into some real screen time on the show, Hamilton does a convincing job of playing the conflicted old spy with questionable motives and a steel heart. Morgan Fairchild also reprises her role has Honey Woodcomb, Devon’s mother. Special guest Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger himself) convincingly plays the crazed Dr. Stanley Wheelwright.

Unfortunately, it also has the problem of lack of depth overall. There isn’t much analysis available for this episode as, like many episodes of Chuck, it’s a very straight forward and easy to understand plot driven episode. While you can argue that it is an episode about the relationship between Chuck and his mother, in reality there isn’t very much explained or explored in that regard. Fortunately, the writers have always been very good and doing a final tease in the last scenes to bring you in for the following week, which I’m sure is going to be another strong story driven episode.

I think the biggest disappointment of the episode, though, was the very tame terror display by Jeff and Lester. I had hoped to see something so insane and disturbing that it would have in fact “redefined Halloween.” Overall the “Aisle of Terror” was pretty scary, but not in a terrifying way. This year’s Halloween episode seems to have gone out without any calamity at all.

Other thoughts

  • Terror gas? What is this, Scarecrow?
  • “You’re either exceptionally smart, or incredibly stupid.” – Casey to Morgan
  • I’m not sure how I missed Englund’s history in my preshow notes, but yes….he was Krueger.
  • “I’m not scary enough to build a haunted house, you need to get some real crazies for that.” (Cut to Jeff and Lester) – Big Mike
  • “Did you save one of those hostess outfits for back home?”
  • “My mom shot me.”
  • “My mom dropped me off.”
  • Things that bring fear to people
    • Old people
    • Interspecies relationships
    • Babies in costumes
    • Public showers
    • Black licorice
    • Man feet
    • Otters


  • “Evacuate the Dancefloor” by Cascada
    'iTunes' 'Amazon'
  • “One Life” by Hot Chip
    'iTunes' 'Amazon'
  • “The Boogie Monster” by Gnarls Barkley
    'iTunes' 'Amazon'
  • “Dead Hearts” by Stars
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