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Chuck Versus the Cubic Z

In Chuck versus the Cubic Z, we see the return of two former rivals, Heather Chandler and Hugo Panzer. Meanwhile, Morgan gets his first test as the new BuyMore manager.

"Chuck and Morgan"

In Chuck versus the Cubic Z, we see the return of two former rivals, Heather Chandler (Chuck vs the Cougars played by Nicole Richie) and Hugo Panzer (Chuck vs First Class played by Stone Cold Steve Austin). A broken prison transport leads to their reroute to the Buy More where Panzer escapes and goes on the hunt for Heather after her failure to secure a half billion dollar deal for Volkoff. Begrudgingly, it’s up to Sarah and Chuck to keep her captured while protecting her from Panzer as she is leveraging information about Chuck’s mother for her safety. Meanwhile, above in the store, Morgan get’s his first real test as a manager as he prepares his store for a huge video game release, only to find out their store is only receiving six copies of the game with 300 people ready to riot.

Much of the episode deals with the concept of family. In the main story, Sarah is once again freaking out at the thought of settling down as a spy and utterly worried that she won’t be able to back away from her career. It doesn’t help that her arch rival Heather is constantly prodding her about how she’s destined to break Chuck’s heart. It’s interesting, but by now unsurprising, to see that such a hardened spy like Sarah is so easily unwound by the thought of actually being happy.

In the side story, we have Morgan at his first test of handling the stress of being the store manager combined with the surprise that Big Mike intends to marry his mother. Like any person, I think the stress of 300 angry nerds rioting is nothing compared to the thought that your former boss will now be your step father, but Morgan handles himself well enough at the end though the help of Big Mike.

Overall, Chuck versus the Cubic Z is a pretty standard episode which Chuck as a whole finds itself commonly caught in. It is definitely light TV viewing, with just enough substance and drama to keep you interested mixed with plenty of action and a driving sound track.

Other thoughts

  • While the Buy More was rioting, where were all the CIA agents? I guess in reality they couldn’t do all that much without revealing their cover.
  • Morgan: You are in a happy relationship. I’m peaking professionally. Let’s savor it. Deep Breath
    Chuck: Smells like victory.
  • Casey is obviously more about gun play as he gets destroyed by Sarah during their sparring.
  • Sarah and Chuck use the supply closet.
  • “Wispy Man Boy and a bottle blonde with a daddy complex.” – Heather
  • Casey still hasn’t talked much with Alex.
  • “I’ve been locked in enclosed places with this guy before. I was fine, but he was a little agitated.” – Chuck
  • Big Mike bought a Cubic Zirconium as an engagement ring. That’s pretty lame.
  • “I got hitched to a dork just like you, sweet, dumb, loyal, a mutt.” – Heather
  • This week’s GRETA is played by Stacy Kiebler, of WWE fame.


  • “Beat The Devil’s Tattoo” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
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  • “Don’t Shoot (I’m A Man)” by Devo
    'iTunes' 'Amazon'
  • “Land Of The Freak” by King Khan and The Shrines
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  • “In The Valley” by Chief
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