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In Unfinished, Ted and the gang recount their stories of unfinished business as one of the strongest episodes of HIMYM ever written.

"Robin discusses her poop"

As I’ve said in other reviews, I’ve always found that How I Met Your Mother to be a powerfully intense show while being comedic at the same time, and this episode was definitely along the same vein. In “Unfinished,” Ted and the gang recount their stories of unfinished business. Robin still has unresolved feelings for Don. Lilly has a standing desire for revenge against an 8 year old. Marshal continues to dream of the day he gets his band back together, and Ted realizes that he has yet to fulfill his dream of being an architect.

It’s a compelling story for many young adults that can relate to everyone on some level, whether it be a lost love or an unfulfilled dream of their youth. It makes the viewer think about the fact that they too have had unfinished business in their lives, and as we watch our characters come to terms with their unfinished business, we the viewers might consider taking that step to fulfill our dreams ourselves. Ted gives one of the deepest monologues of a comedy series I’ve seen. It is surprising considering that the show is actually a comedy.

It’s not to say that “Unfinished” was not a funny episode. The interactions of Robin and her drunk dialing were both creepy and hilarious at the same time, as is the ever great Barney’s methods of manipulating Ted to accepting the GNB architect contract via his proven pickup artist skills. The central joke theme of the episode is “poop” as in when a dog poops in the house and gives you that innocent look, or the concept of the innocent look you try to fool yourself and your friends with after you know you’ve done something wrong. There are plenty of sight gags and fast dialog to keep the viewer in chuckles, but that was not the purpose of this episode.

While it is at it’s core, a comedy show about a group of friends, HIMYM is one of the rare shows that, though the power of it’s writing, can make viewers change the course of their lives not by preaching, but by relating their struggles to our struggles as if a father were telling his kids a life lesson. People start watching HIMYM for the comedic strength of the ensemble cast, but people fall in love the show for the down to earth and truly relatable situations of the characters.

Ted’s monologue

It usually isn’t a speeding bus that keeps the brown pointy weird church form getting built. Most of the time it’s just too difficult, or too expensive, or too scary. It’s only once you’ve stopped that you realize how hard it is to start again. So you force yourself not to want it, but it’s always there, and until you finish it, it’ll always be….

Other Thoughts

  • Ted’s goal is to give a lecture that changes someone’s life, but in this case he changes his own.
  • I would assume Lilly is good at detecting poop being a kindergarden teacher.
  • “How was flying solo? And by solo, I mean so low that you got shot down.” – Marshal
  • Ted and Marshal get into a big debate on the space architecture of the Death Star, and how a single exhaust port flaw had to be the fault of a contractor.
  • Ted: I finally know what your kinds go though.
    Robin: I don’t care how big it is, it’s not the same as giving birth.
  • Marshal’s band: The Funk, The Whole Funk, and Nothing But The Funk
  • Robin: You’re a poop sniffing dog!
    Marshal: I think that’s just called a dog.
  • Ted: Why aren’t you in class? Rachel: Why aren’t you in class?
  • Ted almost gets hit by a bus, like the architect of his lecture.
  • Marshal is the worst wingman ever.


  • Three chicks, one hot, one kinda hot, and one I assume is really funny.
  • Bro-workers
  • The playbook Barney uses includes
    • Ignoring them
    • Backhanded compliments to reduce their self esteem
    • Bragging on himself in the form of a compliment
    • Intense eye contact
    • Creating intimacy though physical contact
    • Thoughtful gifts
    • Taking the offer off the table to make them want it more.


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