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In this week’s Haven, a mysterious force attacks visitors to a troubled home, and we learn a huge reveal about Audrey.

"Nathan and Audrey"

In this week’s Haven, a mysterious force attacks visitors to a troubled home, and we learn a huge reveal about Audrey.

Since last week’s events, Audrey finds herself as just a regular detective with the Haven PD as she quit the FBI. This week’s murder mystery involves a washed up boat with a dead body in it after having gone missing a year prior. These events bring back some of the turmoil of the Garrick family, as most of the town blames husband James for the loss of the ship.

In the main story, a mysterious force in the Garrick home is attacking people, and Audrey learns that is is the missing husband James who, like many of the troubled, has been trapped all this time. James moves so fast that he can’t be seen, but oddly Audrey is able to hold him down just long enough to reveal a corrupt pair of metal-workers responsible for the shipwreck and many others.

The interesting part is James identifies Audrey as Lucy, having remembered Lucy as a boy. There is a lot of leads to think that Lucy has some type of power to neutralize the Troubled abilities, and that Audrey has inherited it as well. The final reveal though is that James injured Lucy severely all those years ago, and Audrey has the same scar, which implies Lucy and Audrey are one in the same.

The side story between Nathan and Duke seems to merely create the idea that they are starting to put their differences aside and come together, while the main story is a round about way to introduce the thought that Lucy and Audrey are in fact the same person. There is just one more episode of Haven, and I look forward to any more revelations about Audrey’s past and her abilities. Is she really the same person, and in either case, what happened in such that Audrey just appeared somewhere and was taken in?

Other Thoughts

  • Nathan and Duke finally come to terms with each other as they play poker with thousands in counterfeit bills.
  • Nathan and Duke work well together as a con team.

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