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Subway Wars

In tonight’s episode, we have a multiple perspective type episode as our gang races against each other to prove they know New York City best.

"The race is on" There are a few defining episode types of a How I Met Your Mother episode. In tonight’s episode “Subway Wars,” we have a “multiple perspective” type episode with plenty of topical lists, another defining characteristic of the show.

“Subway Wars” is definitely not nearly as serious as the last two week’s episodes and is a much lighter hearted. It revolves around the gangs various recent realizations of their personal defeats and their desire to win a race downtown proving they know the city’s transportation options best. Overall, it’s mostly centered around Robin’s still lingering issues with Don and her stagnant career, something I’m sure many of us can relate to. But with many fun lists to take in, and plenty of fast comedic action, “Subway Wars” is a classically styled episode with plenty to offer long time fans.

Other Thoughts

  • “How can you be a New Yorker and not seen Woody Allen?”
  • Things that define you as a New Yorker
    • Stealing a cab from someone who needs it more than you do
    • Cried on the subway and didn’t care what anyone thought
    • Killed a cockroach with your bare hands
  • I swear that was a blatant Bing ad. I’m really hating this onslaught of in show advertising form all shows.
  • “Suck It Gran Bot” – Marshal
  • Lilly understands the subway conductor language.
  • is owned by Fox, but sadly they don’t have anything there.
  • Rajit is back!
  • Maury Povich is all over this episode.
  • Marshal and Ted pushing over the calculator guy.


  • Using a heart attack to get a free ambulance ride to try to win the race
  • Barney didn’t need a win because:
    • Fired half his department to free up money to double his salary.
    • Girl from Boston
    • Getting more muscular without working out
    • Amazing poker group
    • Smelled incredible

Marshal Versus the Machine

Gather around ye children, to hear the tales this week
of a man who dared to race machine with nothing but his feet.
Mar…shal…versus..the machine.

As Marshal ran with all his right and passed his friend Christine
He thought of all the times had had beaten the machine
He triumphed over pitfall,
He vanquished the alarm,
He brought the jukebox back to life with his Fonzerelli arm.
Mar..shal…versus..the machine.

Are hero’s strength was fading fast just as the light turned green.
He then thought back to all the times he lost to a machine.
The cable box’s fearsome bite,
The stapler’s mighty sting,
The cable box’s bite again,
Getting to tired….to sing….

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