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The Psychology of Letting Go

In tonights Community, Jeff faces his immortality while Annie and Britta expose a deep seeded jealous rivalry.

"Britta and Annie make up"

In tonight’s Community, Jeff faces his immortality while Annie and Britta expose a deep seeded jealous rivalry.

There’s not much to say about the episode. There was plenty of great dialog in the form of the insane teachings of Reformed Neo-Bhuddisim as Jeff tries to break down Pierce’s deeply disturbing religious beliefs. It was quite humorous to see Britta and Annie mockingly reverse personalities as their jealously erupts, culminating in a fan fueled fight between Annie and Britta covered in oil.

Other Thoughts

  • “Even a Ferrari needs a tune up.” – Jeff on his body
  • “You in the boobs.”
  • “Everyone likes pelicans. They bring babies.” – Annie
  • “Bodies, lIke the real temple of doom, it represents the inconvenient fact that all good things, be it people or movie franchises, eventually collapse into sagging sloppy piles of hard to follow nonsense.”
  • “Wow, you guys are real downers. I can’t believe I made out with both of you.” – Jeff
  • Britta: “And you know the real reason we raised more money in 5 minutes of oil wrestling. Than in two days of fundraising?”
    Annie: “Because men are even grosser?”
  • Someone was having a BABY in the back of a truck during the oil fight scene. Later on you can see the happy couple just standing around looking at the child. I had to watch it again as I caught a glimpse of it the first time and was confused.
  • Headline for the newspaper: A dis “ass” ter of global “proportions” hit the quad wednesday when two do- “good-looking” -ers wrestled with an unknown issue involving oil. Looks eco-“friendly” to us, ladies!
  • Betty White talks Inception with some natives.

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