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I Am Unicorn

Sadly, Glee has already seemed to fall back into its modus operandi of unlikeable characters all trying to backstab each other as they try to meet all their own agendas.

Tonight’s Glee reintroduces Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel), Rachel’s mother whom takes a job nearby to provide Quinn and Puck the chance to watch their daughter grow up, an option that she herself did not enjoy with Rachel. Of course, as terms of their visiting, Quinn and Puck need to clean up their respectives acts. On the one hand, Puck, truly in love with his daughter, starts a great transformation as he slowly works towards being a better man, and a father she can be proud of. On the other hand, Quinn, while moved by the thought of having her daughter, falls back into her scheming ways as she attempts to move toward reclaiming full custody.

It’s a very hateful character, which I’m surprised the writers decided to take this route. Many viewers dislike characters the Rachel and Kurt for their baltant arrogance, while others like Sue viewers just love to hate for their meanness. The way they have started to write Quinn, viewers are going to hate her spitefulness, and it brings out the ugliest in people.

Meanwhile, Kurt starts to have a crisis of identity as he attempts to run for class president. Brittany, as his campaign manager, hatches a horrific and nearly brilliant plan of turning Kurt into a rainbow loving unicorn to win votes. It’s an insane plan if it weren’t so fittingly brilliant. Of course Kurt, self conscious as ever, wants no part of this insanity. The idea that he’s completely unique causes him a bit of strife as he attempts to win the lead role in West Side Story. In a nice address to the viewers, we all see that Kurt just doesn’t come across as a living on the streets gang member that the role requires.

This shakes him to the core, as he starts to realize that his over the top persona might not work out for his carrer plans. On the other hand, his dad gives him some stellar bit of wisdom. If a unicorn doesn’t have its horn, its just a boring horse.

Overall, the episode doesn’t involve a lot of music which is uncharacteristic of the series. But between the lack of music, and general dislike of the characters, it just wasn’t that good of an episode this time around.

By Kien Tran

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