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Return of the Slutty Pumpkin

In “The Slutty Pumpkin Returns,” we finally find out who the fabled heart stealer is none other than a woman named Naomi (Kate Holmes), and we see a little bit of the consequences of Lily’s expected pregnancy brain.

We last saw the Slutty Pumpkin referred in the 6th episode of the first season, many years ago, and it has been a life long pursuit of Ted ever since. It’s not unlike some of us and our chance encounters. We meet someone amazing in passing, and thoughts of them consume us for years as we wonder, what if we had done something different or if fate worked more towards our favor. How could our life have been different, and what would we do if we got another chance?

Ted, though, gets this other chance by happening to wander past the costume shop that had the same costume he saw 10 years ago, and in classic Ted style, he jumps on the chance without hesitation, almost to a creepy fault. One thing I noticed about the whole episode, Ted was constantly telling himself what he shouldn’t be doing, and then doing the exact opposite. It is perhaps a result of crushing on someone, which is to be expected of any man in his situation.

In the end though, we see a slightly grown up Ted realizing there is zero chemistry between him and Naomi, with a level of awkwardness thats hilariously extreme and uncomfortable for both parties. While Ted the player still “tastes her tootsie roll,” he fortunately gets cut off when Naomi breaks up with him.

I found that Katie Holmes did an adequate job in her role, as the slightly crazy and similarly love struck character pining for Ted the last 10 years. I am going to be a little sad though, as they already wrote her off as a non potential partner for Ted, similar to writing off Victoria. It seems as if the writers are really going though all the past possibles and making sure they cross them off the list of potential mothers, which may be redundant as it is popularly accepted that the very first meeting will be the final of the show itself.

On the other story, we finally get to see what we’ve all expected of Lily since the original pregnancy announcement, that Lily’s pregnancy brain is hilarious and completely off the wall.

It’s going to be fun seeing Lily for the rest of the season making questionable decisions and strange requests as her pregnancy goes on. Pregnancy brain, while a bit of an overused cliche, is still funny and the HIMYM gang will surely execute it well. Tonight though we see Marshal and Lily get the amazing gift of their grandparents house, of which Lily aggressively wants to accept. I’m not sure if it’s the same house we see in future Marshal timelines, but it might be. Ted himself has a house now as well, though we haven’t seen much of it this season, so it stands to reason that another of the group will grow into a house as well.

Finally, we have the amazing revelation that Barney is one quarter Canadian, via his paternal grandmother. The ever mocker of Canada now has genes from the cold north, much to Robin’s and us the viewer’s delight. It also sets up yes another recurring theme for the show, as Barney failed to complete Robin’s challenge to wear a Canadian Mounty uniform and end her ridicule. Instead, I’m sure we’ll have jokes and references to his heritage for the rest of the series, just like the ducky tie and the still unknown final slap.

Other Observations

  • Robin really goes into the Canadian references, most of which I didn’t actually get.
  • Robin sneaks a Canadian whiskey to Barney, which he likes until he realizes it’s Canadian
  • “Just because my body is going a fungus doesn’t mean my metal factories are in any way vehicular.”
  • “It’s federal currency , and you people talk like it’s a hanna barbara character.”
  • “I like her. I really really like her…I just don’t seem to like anything she says or does.” — Ah the crux of any man
  • Man, Lily’s house persuasion was really really euphemistic.
  • “Classic Schmozby”


  • Barney’s 1/4 Canadian. HA
  • Barney wears the ducky tie on his arm without his shirt

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