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Sins of the Fathers

In the season finale, we finally get some answers as to who Audrey is, and we get a revelation about Dukes role in her life.

In the season 2 finale, we finally get some answers as to what’s been happening. Most of the episode is filler for the gripping final 5 minutes though, so let’s just delve into that.

It seems that Duke is also troubled, but not in the way anyone would expect. This ability is to end the blood line of the troubled, removing their ability from the family permanently. The only trick is that he has to kill that person, a concept he’s not too keen on doing.

Meanwhile, we find out that Audrey has been part of a war that has been ongoing for generations, with her previously incarnated as Sarah and Lucy. Her chief foe, the Crocker family, whom have been hunting the troubled for seemingly generations as well. It’s a clever twist that I didn’t quite expect, but it makes sense in retrospect.

Audrey appeared when the troubles started, but so did Duke. Both seem intertwined in destiny to fight until they break the cycle. Audrey has already killed Duke’s grandfather, father, and likely many patriarchs before them. Without a child though, this might be the end of the Crocker bloodline if she manages to kill him.

The real twist though is we find out that Nathan has the compass tattoo on his arm. It looked recent, and I was confused as I thought that tattoo was for the mariner people. Why does he have that tattoo now? The question is, if Nathan shot him, does Duke die, or does nothing happen?

What about Audrey? Who is her abductor? Obviously it wouldn’t have been Duke, but someone who wanted to start the war for sure. Perhaps it was Dave planting evidence? He had thoughts of starting the war.

We’ll have to wait and see, as there won’t be any new episodes till next year…hopefully.

Other Notes

  • Yes, the episode order for season 2 was 13 episodes, but there has only been 12 aired. The 13th episode is a Christmas episode airing in December. Another instance of the insane people at SyFy doing Christmas episodes for the sake of it, which have zero continuity in the series.

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