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The Stinson Missile Crisis

We learn a little more about how Barney and Nora have been getting along, how committed he is, and how it all makes Robin very violent.

In tonight’s episode, “The Stinson Missile Crisis”, we learn a little more about how Barney and Nora have been getting along. It seems that Barney is truly committed to changing his ways and becoming the best boyfriend he can be, much to the chagrin of Robin. The episode as a whole is another return to some of the episode types fans of How I Met Your Mother have come to enjoy, namely narrative look backs to recent events, often a result of some type of group gathering, or in this case, Robin’s court mandated therapy.

The main focus of the episode follows Robin’s story of how she ended up having to take a session of therapy after assaulting another woman on the street. In typical show fashion, it’s a meandering story that takes some time to get though, with multiple story lines tying together, though in reality they don’t really have anything to do with each other. In this case, our side story is the story of Marshal and Lilly’s forays into early pregnancy, accompanied by Ted on his self proclaimed “Team Baby.”

The side story overall isn’t terribly interesting, and serves the purpose of reminding us that Ted feels pretty lousy about himself and his solitude, resorting to clinging to Marshal and Lily’s pregnancy to fill his desire to have someone to share in this moment with them. It’s something single young adults might relate to, just as their coupled friends move though the motions of life. It’s not an unfamiliar story, but overall it just felt a bit forced and disjoint from the main storyline.

In the main storyline, we follow Robin’s long winded explanation of her actions to the court appointed therapist. It’s a deeper look into the mind of Robin, which we haven’t had much of really ever that I can recall. Taking place almost exclusively in her narrative, (a rarity on the series), we learn about some of her thinking and reactions to the fact Barney and Nora are not only dating but also doing very well.

Of course, her grand plan to steal Barney from Nora (an idea she herself realizes is horrible), results in a whole slew of great Barneyisms as she helps him clean up some of his old BDS (breast delivery system) remnants. In typical Barney style, he’s of course created a whole slew of different scams to cop feels of unsuspecting women in the city, including pretending to be a breast reduction doctor.

Overall, its a good episode to learn a bit more about Barney and Robin, but I felt like it the Ted/Lily/Marshal lines were weak and out of place. Nevertheless, the episode is filled with great scenes and a lot of laughter expected of a good How I Met Your Mother episode.

Other Observations

  • “Sounds like this ted guy could benefit from some therapy.” “Oh, yes he does.”
  • Ted, like Robin, ends up under the table regularly drowning themselves in self pity and alcohol/desert.
  • Ted, as part of his clingy nature, dresses up as the following 3rd wheel roles with Lily and Marshal
    • Salt and pepper and cumin
    • Lady and the Tramp and their spaghetti
    • Lewis and Clark and their canoe
    • Dr. Frankenstein, and his monster, and a scared villager
    • C-3P0, R2-D2, and the robot Luke’s uncle almost bought from the Jawas
  • The was a super rare episode where Ted wasn’t the primary narrative (though storyteller Ted does have one comment). It was strange to see it from Robin’s point of view, and it makes me wonder if she told Ted this narrative, which he repeats to his children.
  • We see the return of the fun HIMYM Barney websites.
  • The websites also serve to introduce the website archives for the show,


  • More scams Barney ran
    • Dr. Barney Stinson, breast reduction specialist. (
    • Arnie Linson, Attorney at Law, specializing in breast reduction scams (
    • Having Mitch from the port authority give him the heads up about a fresh in town wide eyed girl hoping to make her mark on Broadway looking for a casting agent.
    • Using a vase as ashes of his parents, or the Wimbledon trophy, or both.
    • Jack Fantastic, the gay hair dresser, with his handsome straight twin brother Barney.
  • In a good stroke of continuity, Barney continues to wear the ducky tie.
  • Both websites contain active email addresses that auto reply the following..

Mr. Linson will contact you shortly to set up your preliminary consultation.

Because of the large number of cases filed everyday with Linson Breast Lawsuit, please send us your bust size and applicable dimensions so that we can determine the severity of your condition.

Thank you,

Arnie Linson

Attorney at Law

No case too big or too very big.


A qualified associate will contact you shortly to set up your preliminary evaluation.

Because of the large number of client inquiries we receive everyday, Stinson Breast Reduction requests that you respond to this email with your bust size and applicable dimensions so that we can determine the severity of your condition.

Thank you,

Barney Stinson, MD

The breast in NY!

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