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Field Trip

In tonight’s ensemble centric episode “Field Trip”, we find the gang attempting to realize what drives and motivates their lives. On the one side, we have Ted and his crazy failure of a field trip as he attempts to inspire just one person to be an architect, while on the other side we have Marshal’s drive and zeal to save the planet, despite his entire office succumbing to mediocrity and apathy.

The episode does continue the “Robin goes to therapy” storyline with a slight twist, in such that her therapist, Dr. Kevin, breaks off their professional relationship due to the ethical quandary of his attraction to her. As stated in the episode, it’s a bit of a creepy situation, but I’m glad they didn’t dwell on it too long. I do hope they the whole story line doesn’t last too long.

Meanwhile, Ted’s field trip isn’t going well. With him getting locked out of the GNB site, he has to resort to taking them to the current GNB building, where they pick up Barney, his apartment, and the bar. It’s a rough day for Ted as he tries to inspire his kids. It’s a noble pursuit that most teachers strive for. And while Ted might not have inspired more than one student (sorta), Ted isn’t the type to give up. I’m sure we’ll see more of his crazy teaching zeal as the years roll on.

Marshal meanwhile, starts to make his mark as an environmental lawyer, inspiring the defeated Garrison Cootes to return to his crusade against dirty companies and save he environment. While they don’t go into too much detail, it seems that the Marshal story this season will follow him along as they work to get a bigger settlement.

Overall, it was an ok episode. There was minor character development and some humor, but for the most part, it wasn’t as good as some of the earlier episodes this season. It does establish the relationship a bit more between Garrison and Marshal and Nora and Barney.

Other observations

  • Lily has cake cravings
  • Barney really thought it was Jacob James Olmos?
  • The Ewok celebration theme music played though out the office celebration.
  • Germans still love David Hasslehoff.
  • Why is Ted growing a beard??


  • The Ewok Line
    • May 5 1973, anyone before the line hates Ewoks as they were too old by the time they saw it.
  • He knew Gina the student’s name.
  • Barney continues to wear the Ducky Tie.
  • Barney already had an escape suitcase ready at the bar.
  • Barney’s Ewoks presentation is also available on YouTube, courtesy CBS.

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