Community Put on Hiatus for Midseason

Courtesy NBC

NBC announced their midseason schedule today, and notably absent was critically and viewer acclaimed Community. As many know, shows not returning for their mid-season runs are nearly a sure sign of cancellation, especially when the show constantly does poorly in the ratings.

Like many shows before it, Community might finally succumb to the fact that it’s just too smart of a show for normal television. The humor too too well written and too funny for the general audience, whom seeks a much lower and simpler form of humor.

The internet though, still steaming after 2010’s Late Night Wars debacle, has already taken to the web to voice their disapproval. #OccupyNBC has already started to crop up. The best way though would be to write a sternly written note to NBC via their contact forms and be sure to voice it out to their Twitter.

By Kien Tran

Based in Dallas, Texas, Kien Tran is an avid television enthusiast. After spending hundreds of hours wasting away on a couch, he decided to actually do something creative with his hobby and created this very blog.

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