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Chuck vs the Baby

After last week’s feel good Santa episode, this week’s Chuck is an expected weaker step that exists solely to provide some backstory to how Sarah became what she is today.

Relentlessly teased last week, the baby mentioned was in fact a rescued “package” that Sarah rightly hides away from her old handler Ryker (Tim DeKay White Collar) who wishes to use the girl’s vast inheritance for his own benefit. But what good person can resist the cries of a baby, and knowing Ryker is up to no good, hides the baby away with her Mother (Cheryl Ladd, Charlie’s Angels), cutting herself off from her family in hopes of giving the baby the normal life she never had.

Overall, the episode meanders around as it merely fills a bit of backstory to Sarah’s life and how exactly she ended up as Chuck’s handler. There were a few cute moments as we see a little about the Woodcomb’s courting as they try to advise Morgan and Alex to be patient with each other.

I wouldn’t say it was anywhere near the best episode, but it does serve as a good epilogue for the series, of which every episode now seems to be written as a series finale.

Other Observations

  • Casey is shown laughing at the dinner table with the family. That is extremely frightening.
  • Why would Sarah check on a recording of a baby in a crib five years later?
  • How in the hell was Ryker even able to track Sarah’s non existent mom? What did he do, pull down her phone records form five years ago?
  • Isn’t Sarah’s real name “Sam”? When are they going to talk about this?
  • I love how they continue to travel around the world overnight.
  • “Do you speak Hungarian?” “ you Mr. I don’t need the intersect?”
  • “I feel so lucky to have a lady to share my plastic car with.”
  • Awesome and Elle’s sexy spy roleplay. Damon vs Cobress. Seems like they are still on a bit of a high from a few weeks ago.
  • Alex and Morgan finally get back together.


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