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Chuck vs the Santa Suit

Chuck continues it’s breakneck pacing with the revelation of the true mastermind behind the attack on Castle and the corruption of the CIA in “Chuck vs the Santa Suit.”

It seems Daniel Shaw has masterminded the entire plot via his jail cell after corrupting Decker via a handy bit of Intersect counter intelligence to blackmail him. The ultimate goal, destroy Sarah Walker and everything she holds dear. The final play is of course to take her husband away, the same way she took Shaw’s wife. It’s a dirty vendetta that’s lasted for quite some time now.

The whole episode though, like many this season, works to tie up a lot of the various loose ends of the series and move along the master plot line quickly. It definitely seems like another episode that fits a whole half season worth of plot wrapped up in a nice neat bow for the holiday episode.

As the holiday episode, it was surprisingly devoid of any Christmas antics, with only the final scene serving as a nice backdrop to round out the first part of the season.

The most interesting part though was seeing how far Chuck has come as a spy, employing not only his amazing skills as a hacker, but also putting to use much of Sarah and Casey’s combat training to defeat Shaw face to face. He’s finally come to the point where he is confident enough without the Intersect to do some real good in the world as an ops planner and not second guess his ability.

Other Observations

  • Jeff and Lester return, but Jeff remains as a normal functional human being, though with a little bit more of a personality.
  • The beyond blatant Subway advertising was pretty funny actually. Subway has always been a supporter of the show.
  • Stan Lee makes a cameo as himself, as a spy for the LA branch.
  • “Pucker up Bartowski, you’re about to become a man.”
  • “I’m a much bigger nerd than you thought I was.”
  • “You’re talking about American tax dollars at work. Oh hell, let’s do it.”
  • Technically, Morgan has a Sarah save now.
  • “You know, that Grimes kid isn’t that bad. Maybe you should give him another chance.”
  • Baby? Did Sarah and Shaw have a baby, which is a little too obviously implied so I doubt it.

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