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46 Minutes

Sadly, “46 Minutes” seems to be one of the weakest episodes of HIMYM in a long time. The primary purpose of the episode was to finish the long drawn out move by Lily and Marshal from the city.

Overall the episode uses the idea of what would happen if Barney took over the group, which results in a fairly disastrous night fueled by Ted’s drunken lack of discretion and Barney’s Barneyistic concepts of a good time. We do get to see a reprise of one of the doppelgangers, Jasmine the Russian stripper representing the alter version of Lily.

The episode as a whole meanders though the Barney in charge storyline following along as Ted puts the group into all kinds of terrifying situations, but it lacked a lot of humor or life lessons overall. In the other story, we see that living in the suburbs has it’s own dangers, such as being way too dark at night. It was a bit fun to see Mickey Aldrin (Chris Elliot) go into full creepy horror movie mode as he guided Marshal around the house.

Overall, it wasn’t their best effort and the whole episode felt fairly out of place and not up to their normal standards.

Other Observations

  • “It’s like when they canceled Party Of Five for the second time.”
  • “Are they ok, are they in the hospital?” “No..somewhere much much worse….long island”
  • With Barney’s as the new leader of the gang, all the pictures in the title sequence involve Barney and is sung with his vocals.
  • The Russian sequence was a bit silly though.
  • Kevin and Robin continue to play relationship chicken which includes
    • Birding in Central Park
    • Skydiving
    • Butchering class


  • En-de-peen-dance
  • Presissily
  • “Let’s go to a strip club!” – Every night since 2005

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